i feel pretty

i feel pretty

When you are primping for a night out or a date, do you ever sing a song? I always do. The exact same song everytime.

My buddy Titi was sitting in the hut when I stood before the mirror making sure the five o’clock shadow was just right. I started singing my song.

He stood up yelling, threatening to leave.

Weeks ago, my daughter did the same thing to me. “DAD, THAT’S NOT FUNNY”.

I will let you decide. Not much into musicals, but I always sing my favorite song from West Side Story.

“I feel pretty
Oh so pretty
I feel pretty
And witty
And gaaaaaay
And I pity any girl who isn’t me today.”

Thoughts anyone?

281 thoughts on “i feel pretty

  1. I adore that song… the entire movie/musical.
    Lol! No, I don’t sing that when I get ready to go out.
    There are a lot of songs in my repertoire, but only the cats enjoy them. You are very funny!

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  2. Weird. I have the feeling I already commented on this post. But I can’t see liking it. Haha πŸ˜€

    I’m also not into musical, but I’m loving the west side clip. It’s old, calming and funny. There’s something about the videos from the past that just make it so timeless.

    And no, I don’t always sing when primping but occasionally I do, especially when I’m in good mood.


      1. Thanks Drew ❀

        I think I've read your post. Thought of commenting and forgot haha πŸ˜€ yep still deja me…

        What song I sing varies. Sometimes cheerful, sometimes melancholic (even when I'm in a great mood πŸ˜‚)

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