Lonely Author: First Half of Rest-cation in Review (As if you really care).

Hey, don’t take me seriously. These are pics from the first half of my vacation.

This is the view for one of my favorite restaurants here on the island. It is near the top of a mountain, thus it is appropriately named La Hamaca de Dios (God’s Hammock). The floor slowly rotates to give you 360 degrees view of the town below. (Well, it has to rotate slowly or people may puke in their food).

This little guy turns two today (March 12th). He is a husky and he does plenty of howling. Everyone calls him el perro lobo (the wolf dog). So, I named him Jacob (for all of you Team Jacob fans). I purchased him to share with the single mom next door. He won’t be coming with me to Florida, but he has a family with three kids who will care for him while I am gone.

Axel’s christening went perfectly. This is a pic of proud mom and dad, Pearla and Johan. I do have a funny story to tell you about the baptism. Oh, God. That will have to wait for next Thursday.

You see that circular structure. It is the first time I have ever seen one. That is a small arena for cock-fights. I do not participate (obviously duh) nor condone cock fighting. It is one of the things I dislike about this island.

Made some decor additions to the hut. First the naked ladies bookends. Seriously folks, did you expect something else from me? You can find these ladies in Amazon.

My little typewriter pen/pencil holder. Great for a writing room or desk. Also in Amazon.

My work station (when I am not writing on the beach). There are the five pills (and aspirin to thin my blood, preparing me for April).

I purchased this canvas in Orlando and shipped it with the boxes of food I sent ahead. Haven’t hung it up yet. (I am a terrible handyman ladies). Wanted to add a splash of color to the tones of gray and white.

Finally, that is not the nurse I was promised. My buddy Titi has been known to be a prankster. He promise me she would be young, pretty, and single. Yeah, she is single.

Well, if I look past her moustache and pay five dudes to hold her down while I shave her legs with a lawn mower, then perhaps.

She really is a good nurse. She met with my cooks to go over my diet. She even called my doctor in Florida. Honestly, she is not Mrs. Lonely Author material.

But I wouldn’t say that too loud. She may wrestle me to the ground.

Have a great day People.

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  1. Beautiful photos. It sounds like you’re having a good time, that’s so cool.

    I can’t decide what I like more-the typewriter pencil cup or Jacob.

    Who am I kidding, I just went from Team Edward to Team Jacob. What a cutie pie! πŸ™‚

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          1. It pays to get on the right side
            of your night nurse πŸ₯Ά
            Dr. Benny Hill knew all about that.
            Too bad he’s been deregistered by
            the tribunal of political correctness πŸ˜ͺ

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  2. Aww Jacob is a little cutie pie! 😍 I’d quite happily take him if I wasn’t all the way in the UK! πŸ˜‚ Glad to hear you’re doing OK and that Axel’s Christening went well, he’s adorable 😊 And yes we do care, don’t put your content down so, mister! Don’t make me come over there! πŸ˜‚

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    1. What a wonderful message. Jacob is a cutie. A good doggie too. He let’s me know when he has to go to the bathroom.

      Oh, I was playing about people not caring. To be honest, I have so many get well messages that I am still trying to answer.

      Thank you for making me smile. That is the best medicine and man could have. Well, a smile and a kiss. xoxoxo

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  3. Jacob is adorable. Nurses have to be tough these days. The proud family looks very happy. Cock fighting is repulsive, but when we had chickens, I used to have to fight with the rooster quite a bit. Since he didn’t have another rooster to fight with, he went for the next best thing, me! You have a nice, simple workstation. All you need is a few cats to lie on the table while you work.

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      1. Cat-like typing can really mess things up. It’s amazing the key combinations they can get walking across and lying on the keyboard. Laptops are cat magnets like boxes for some reason. The roosters were very serious (I had more that one aggressive rooster over the years). I had fun sparing with them and letting them get out some of their pent up aggressive energy.

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          1. I had to defend myself from ganders and Tom turkeys as well. Ornery billy goats, burros, mules and horses were a lot more challenging.


              1. Fortunately, most horses are pretty good natured, even the more wild ones, but I got chased, kicked and thrown on the ground many times in my youth. Between motorcycles and horses, it surprising I made it through my youth alive.


  4. Take care of yourselves Drew. I love all the photos especially the wolf dog. I am a dog person…lol! What lies ahead no one knows but I know you are taking the necessary steps to remain healthy. Thank you for bravely sharing your story, people like you inspire me to live boldly. I offer you prayers for strength, hope and peace as you journey in life. Be blessed.

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    1. No ne knows what lies ahead, but I am ready. The amazing support I have received let me know
      I never had to do this alone. I am so humbled by your words. This wonderful comment fills
      me with joy.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am flattered and grateful.

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  5. Reading this in the workplace and laughed the stress away! 😁 I believe you could post your grocery list and it would still be an engaging, interesting read! Keep well! Warmest regards, Drew!

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    yes your whole post was very entertaining and incredibly adorable, and you are super cute and sexy with all your decor (GORGEOUS canvas) and while the naked lady book ends are very HAWT , it’s your typewriter pencil holder that confirmed why you are my best bud. That is priceless. I freakin love it.

    I don’t know the translation of the phrase we say in Greek when a new baby has been christened, but we say, na sas zisi, which basically means, may he have a lovely life with you all (that’s the the basic meaning)

    Lol..Benny Hill. Nice touch honey.
    Personally, I love your nurse. She keeps you in line!

    This post made my morning with the smiles and chuckles and you know….glimpses of your desk😍


    Your Fiery

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    1. Jacon is a cute little howling fool.

      Happy you liked the decor. I stayed away from the dogs playing poker. Wouldn’t go well in this love hut.

      Thak you for the belssings for Axel.

      Ah, my nurse. Yeah, she wants me to stay away from all strenuous activities. And she isn’t afraid to ask either.

      Happy to make you smile darling.

      Lonely Author

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  7. We care very much my darling friend! I’m glad to see you are in capable hands (even if they aren’t Mrs. Lonely Author Blog material πŸ˜‚) Your pictures are great and the touches you added seem perfect for your little home in the beach. I love that typewriter holder! Might have to get one of those myself. My only surprise is that your women bookholders don’t have sexy heels on. Ha! I’m praying for you and that your surgery goes better than the doctors could hope for.
    Thank you for letting us know you are ok. Sending lots of hugs and kisses to you xoxox

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    1. Oh, I know you and everyone else does. I just wanted to play with everyone. I should probably post
      something about Mrs. Lonely Author material. That would be funny. lol
      Yes, I am in good hands. A little rough, but good. The typewriter hoklder is so cool. It actually
      gets more compliments that the book ends. You should get one. Looks great on a writing desk.

      The sexy heels. Trying to keep the heart calm. LOL.
      Thank you for your beautiful prayers. I am grateful for that and for YOU.
      Thank you for your priceless friendship and support,

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  8. Love the pics Andrew πŸ™‚ Jacob is beyond adorable! I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying your vacation and taking good care of yourself. What is happening in April? Such a glorious painting! You seem to be doing an awesome job decorating your home away from home ❀

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    1. He is a cutie. So happy I bought him.
      April I am having a procedure on my heart. I had two heart attacks over the holidays.
      So am resting and building my strength for April. Then, we shall see what life has for me.

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  9. Loved reading your review of the first half of your vacation and your photos! That rotating restaurant sounds very cool (first I’ve heard of a restaurant with a rotating floor) and Jacob is freaking adorable 😍. I also adore the typewriter pen-holder and will be adding that to my wishlist! Your canvas definitely provides a nice pop of color and I hope it will be hung up soon. I am glad it sounds like you are relaxing and enjoying your vacation.

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    1. The restaurants with rotating floor. There is one in Las Vegas. And there is one in New York, which I never
      wen to. They are really cool to dine in. Yes, that typewriter is a must for every writer. Looks co good on a desk.
      Thank you for your super kind words. Appreciate your visit and you sharing your thoughts.
      Thank you

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