love in the time of coronavirus

love in the time of coronavirus

This occurred nine days ago, before my current state of dizziness began.

Knowing a pandemic was sweeping across the world, I expected to find the tourist beach desolate. I wasn’t disappointed.

Before long, I discovered an open beach bar with one sole patron. A beautiful young woman with green eyes that silently spoke to me.

We were both affected by the magic of our eye contact.

My “hola” was followed by her “bonjour.”

My heart sank. UGH! For three years Cynthia from the debate class did my French homework in high school.

Oh, karma had a sadistic way of coming back to bite you right in the croissants. Where was Cynthia now?

Lucie spoke little English, but her accent…..oh it was heavenly. The Beach Boy has a weakness for sexy accents (and hosiery)! Hey, Superman has his kryponite, I have mine.

She had small dainty feet, well manicured, toe nails painted a soft shade of coral, with a sexy sea shell ankle bracelet. I was melting.

We communicated by pointing, through sign language, Google tranlsate on my phone, and glowing smiles. I was in full James Bond mode.

Magic had returned to my life.

I prepared for the right moment to impress her with the only French I remembered, “Le chat est sur la table.” (“The cat is on the table”). Damn my luck, it was a cat-less beach.

Pinkies entwined, we walked the beach. Played frisbee. I explored her soft hands.

Venturing into the water, the rough waves knocked us around, giving her a reason to hold my arms and chest. It allowed me to cling to her bare waist. We shared tender little kisses on the cheek and lips.

Then, came one long lasting kiss, which I felt in my soul. We were alone in the world and the world was ours.

Taking my hand, she led me back to her blanket. Pulling out her cell phone, she swiped through dozens of photos, showing me her man and their wedding pics.

Lucie was married. Apparently, he was in some business meeting.

Looking into my eyes, she pouted before giving me one last kiss. Watching her walk out of my life, my broken heart filled with hope.

Why shouldn’t it?

While a deadly pandemic forced a world to shut its doors in fear, I opened my heart and found love in the time of coronavirus.


338 thoughts on “love in the time of coronavirus

    1. Diane, I have been very careful with social
      exchanges. I know I am in a weakened state and I could not overcome this horrible virus.

      Thank you for your beautiful words. I hope you are doing everything possible to protect yourself. Please, be safe.

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      1. I am being careful. Only going out once a week to the grocery early in the am. Thank goodness my son’s house where we’re living is huge so we all have our separate spaces. This, too, shall pass. Sending hugs and prayers! Love you, my friend ❀️

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            1. Hey, they closed airports here. I was worried I was stuck here. Thankfully, the airports open on April 4th, the day I am scheduled to return to Florida.

              Get some rest. Have an eveing of peace. And may your loved ones always be safe from harm.
              Be well.

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  1. Oh my gosh, not only your poems but your love life is bittersweet too πŸ’” and forgive me but I’m smiling right now.
    You told the story in a humorous way and reminded me of my husband story. Language barrier can sometimes put you in a terrible spot. My Norwegian husband back in 85 went on vacation to Spain not knowing the language and only got his dictionary as his guide. The hotel stuff unfortunately forgot to place a pillow on his bed and this created a big misunderstanding. No one understood what he was trying to say. One of the staff ask him to say “pillow” in his language. He said “Puta” and everyone gasped. He thought they understand. Now, I’m sure you already know what puta is in Spanish 😁 so imagine the mess it created when they told him that puta is not welcome in the hotel and he argued that he can’t sleep without a “puta” (pillow) in his bed each night. πŸ˜‚
    I hope this made you laugh Drew and made you feel a bit better πŸ˜€

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    1. Bittersweet is the word. I was floating on cloud nine for a few hours only to have it all fall apart when she showed my the photos to let me know she is married.

      Now, as for your husband’s story. That was hysterical. “Puta” has the same meaning in so many languages. I can’t stop laughing.
      Thank you for making me laugh. Oh, this story made my night.
      Bless you….🌹

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      1. The story is longer, they told him puta is only in the street and β€œdirty” and he said he want a clean one on his bed! It reach to the point that they looked at him like a pervert and he thought every single staff was nuts.
        I’m glad it made you laugh Drew. I got a cramp from laughing first time he told the story.
        Have a great night. πŸ˜„

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          1. I’m not sure what you meant Drew with “Can you I’m as fine this?” (some missing words?)

            Yeah, my husband’s life before we met is like a comedy film. I’m working to collect them and write a memoir for him. I’m also planning to post this in my blog. I choose to tell you first because you seem to need it. One of my motto is “Laughing is the best medicine.”
            I wish your weekend to be magical Drew. Hopefully someone deserving of you to come your way πŸ™‚


            1. Hahaha
              I was falling asleep as I wrote that. Not sure what in the world I was trying to say. LOL

              You should gather all the stories you can about him. It seems like it would make a funny little book.
              Laughing truly is the best medicine. I always say that myself.
              So thank you for the laigh.

              Aaaaw, you words of hope. know love will come my way.
              Thank you. Bless you.
              Hope you and yours are always safe.

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  2. You need to be careful about breaking your broken heart, but you made a great story out with a rather sad ending. The situation seems to be in your karma meeting up with a beautiful married woman in the time of Covid-19.

    When I lived in Spain, I had a student who told me that when she was in London with her limited English, she walked into a pub to buy a Coke. When the bartender asked her what she wanted she said: “I want a cock!” She said every man in the pub turned to look at her with eagerness in their eyes. The bartender figured it out what she was really wanted and gave her a coke, but it wasn’t until much later she learned what she ordered. She said she would have died of embarrassment if she knew what a cock was at the time. She was a good looking woman.

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  3. At first i was smiling and excited as i move on from line to line my smile slowly fade away as the truth be told, they say. …ahhh love comes and goes away so quickly.
    But hang on..there is always hope..
    Such a bitter sweet love poem and it did break my romantic heart.
    Keep safe Drew.

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    1. It was the exact same thing for me. There was such joy in heart, then came the devastating letdown.

      Yes, there is always hope. And if I can find this magic with all this craziness going on in the world, imagine when things return to normal.

      Thank you for this gorgeous comment. I appreciate your reaction and beautiful words.
      It truly touched me Mich.

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart.⚘


  4. Like reading one of my own fantasies put into prose form until the ending, though I’m sure that’s the way it would really go. Enjoyed the read very much.

    Hope you’re hanging in there, and I’ll be willing the airports to reopen when they’re supposed to on April 4th.

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    1. Smiling. David, for some reason when it comes to love it always goes this way for me. Laughing.

      Very happy you enjoyed my story. Thank you for taking out the time to read and share your thoughts. Greatly appreciated.

      Be safe my friend.

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    1. Exactly. Although the ending wasn’t what I was hoping for, it did reignite hope.
      And in this troubled time we are living in, hope is a truly wonderful thing.
      Thank you for reading and for sharing your beautiful thoughts,
      I am grateful for your kindness and support.
      Be well. Stay safe.

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    1. Smiling. Happy you enjoyed my little story. It was truly magical. We connected form the moment we set
      eyes one one another. We can find love in the midst of all this madness.

      LOVE your comment.
      How are you beautiful?
      Staying safe?

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    1. Smiling. This really happened to me. As for the title, it’s taken from the book by Gabriel GarcΓ­a MΓ‘rquez
      titled love in the time of cholera. Good book, too.

      Thank you for taking the time out to read and share your thoughts. I truly appreciate your kindness.
      So happy you enjoyed this.
      Please, do take good care of yourself.

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  5. Oh gosh this post made me smile so big. The ending was so full of hope. In the middle of Corona scare it is so nice to read about love. Always stay safe and healthy and happy my dear. Lots of love and hugs. God bless

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    1. In the middle of this dangerous pandemic, a taste of a wonderful connection touched me. Love will always find a way.
      I know this wasn’t love, but there was a special connection between myself and Lucie. In the middle of this craziness
      love still lives and breathes.

      Thank you for your beautiful words. Always honored that you read my posts.
      Thank you.


  6. Also, Andrew in the middle of this crisis which the entire world is facing I just want you to know that you are friendship and support has meant a lot to me. You were there with me from the first day of my wordpress journey and your kindness and love has made such a big difference in my life. Thank you for everything you are and for everything you have done for me. As I told you maybe it was watching you and Nanditha that I myself Found Love on WordPress. My heart truly thanks you. Always stay safe my dear. Lots of love and many hugs.


    1. My eyes watered reading this comment. Sona, you are a brilliant light in this sometimes dark world. You have a positive spirit
      and beautiful manner that projects so many beautiful things. Now, it is you and Roy that are showing the rest of us that love
      can conquer everything; including time and distance.

      Thank you for your gracious words. They really touched me. I don’t know what is coming with this surgery in April, but
      I know I have been lucky to have met people like you and Roy.
      And for that I will forever be grateful.
      Thank you for everything.


    1. My heart is smiling reading this beautiful comment. Truly touched by your words.
      Yes, in the middle of all of this fear and panic, I made a connection. With all of
      my health concerns, the last thing I was thinking of was meetiong sommeone, adn BAM
      it happened.

      Caught me off guard. It was totally unexpected. But it was wonderful. That little
      connection was rejuvenating. It shgould me in the darkest of times (this world and my life)
      the light of love will always shine through.

      Thank you for your beautiful words and priceless reaction. It makes me so happy.
      You are a treasure.
      Be safe. Keep yourself far from harm.

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      1. You keep safe too..
        It is a scary time In life.. but there is always a silver lining and I know your beautiful heart seeks it.. God bless you in all things my friend β™₯️


  7. Well since it’s the time of corona virus I have questions on my mind ……Did ya gargle with an antiseptic ? Did ya sanitize your hands after this encounter? Oopssss did I just ruin the symphony of your verseπŸ™ˆπŸ˜œπŸ˜œ


    1. Oh, you are such the romantic. LOL
      I can’t stop laughing.
      Yes, I did do all the things we are spposed to do after going out.
      Also had guard rails posted on the sides of the bed to practice safe sex.

      Hope you are dong well.
      God bless you for making me laugh so hard.


    1. For one afternoon there was a spceial connection in the middle of all of this fear and panic.
      It was wonderful. Feeling those feelings and excitement.

      It gives me the hope this will come again. Love will come to me when I least expect it.

      Thank you for your beautiful and touching words. They made me so happy.
      Grateful you shared your thoughts.
      Be safe. Stay away from harm.

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    1. It is wonderful walking the beach, but ow the island is on lockdown. We have a military presence everywhere.
      Police are arrestign people who go to the beach now. Things quickly changed after the daily press conferences
      in the United States.

      I am afraid the self isolation will last longer than the government is currently requiring.
      I think the entire situation should be a learning lesson. We should be grateful for what we have.
      Life is very fragile and tomorrow is promised to no one.

      Sorry, for the little philosophical essay. LOL

      Please, take good care of yourself. May you and everyone you love be safe from harm.
      Thank you.

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      1. I am sorry you are also in lockdown. We also have martial law now and the army is in the shopping centres and on the streets. I am staying in. Do stay safe and I hope you can still get the health benefits you were hoping for.


    1. In difficult, dark times like we are living in now, hope is everything. Now, my heart knows it can find someone
      and feel the things I write about in my poetry.
      Grateful for your lovely words and gracious support. You always make me smile. And I appreciate that.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
      Keep yourself safe.
      Be well.


  8. What a treat to return to the blog space and land on your beautiful post! A refreshing break of the kind only from you – such a saddening yet no regrets happy lovely magical experience you brought us to indulge in. Hope you are doing well – wishing you health, happiness, ease through these unique times of the world.

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    1. Welcome back. So lovely to hear from you. I hope you and yours are well and staying close to home
      to avoid unnecessary exposure. Please keep yourself safe.

      Thank you for your beautiful words, support, and kindness. It is greatly appreciated. You generous
      words made me smile and makes this day even brighter.

      Please be safe. And thank you.

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      1. We are well, home and continuing πŸ™‚ Wonderful to be back here for all the goodness and kind friends like you. Spirit moved me to post after a long time – grateful for that inspiration. Please take care you too.


  9. Aww Drew, romance, magic, hope, love, fun, humour all dashed with a jolt of reality. But you lived it all to the full my friend. That’s what life is for. Sending you big warm hugs xx ❀️

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    1. Hey, I was happy to spend some hours feeling these wonderful sensations again. It really was magical.
      Gave me hope, too. If I could find that magic while the world is shaking in fear and turmoil, well,
      something good is waiting for me.

      Thank you for your beautiful words and suppoort. Always treasured.
      Take good care of yourself.
      Be well.

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    1. It was very daring, but I assumed I would find the beach all to myself. and honestly, it was empty. I must have seen six or seven people
      that entire afternoon. Staying in the hut now. Since then, things have changed here on the island. We are on lock down with curfews
      all social gatehring places shut down. Now, I would be arrested for going to the beach.

      Smiling. I do believe that better things are waiting for me. Thanks for the words of encouragement and hope.
      I always appreciate yur positive vibes. They recharge me.

      Grateful for your thoughts.
      Please care care of yourself.


      1. Lockdowns everywhere, Andrew. I do hope all of us emerge safer and stronger.
        Your smiles always brighten my day! So keep smiling, stay safe and remain positive.
        Bless you, dear one.


  10. Oh the frustration of it all…falling for a person who is married! Yup, been there, done that. Mine unfortunately went on longer than 9 hours as he didn’t reveal he was married until after about a month and a half of us talking. I do NOT understand people who do that. Why stay married if you are so unhappy in it? At least she had the decency to tell you after a few hours, but it doesn’t help when you have already fallen for them.
    The one thing I have come to realize in my life, the older I get, the less I understand people and their motivations. I’m sorry this happened to you, Drew. On the bright side, it must have been felt wonderful to feel those butterflies again. Oh by the way, I love the title of this and it’s reference to “love in the time of cholera.” Perfect title. Let’s just hope that the next time you fall in love, it will be forever. xoxo

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    1. Smiling as I read your comment.

      There was a special connection there. It was too fast to be love, but I was verey smitten. She was very happy about the
      connection as well. We really hit it off from first sight. The language which was a huge barrier, didn’t even hamper us.
      We were happy smiling, gazing into each other’s eyes, and just having fun in general.

      I guess when we moved onto the kissing stage, she felt the need to let me know it wasn;t meant to be. Perhaps, if she knew
      Enlgish, she may have told me at the very start of our conversation. I will nevr know. But to me, it really doesn’t matter.
      I connected and felt someone connected to me. It has been a while. And it felt wonderful.

      It showed my in even these crazy times of fear and social distancing, as my health concerns grow and leave m,y future cloudy,
      I can still find love. And that little piece of hope is all I need.

      As for your other thoughts? I have no idea why people hide their marital status. Nowadays, if a man wants sex, there are so
      many ladies giving it away, there is no need to hide wedding rings ar status. I think of it as being cruel. Letting someone
      fall in love with you knowing there is no way you can ever be together. But that is people. SAD WORLD WE LIVE IN.

      I liked the title. It resonated with me. Even if this wasn’t love, there was a special connection that may have led to love.
      And that is the little pick me up that I needed in this mment of my life.

      The next time it will be forever. I just know it.

      Thank you for reading and sharing your beautiful and candid thoughts. I love your honestly. A very rare and special trait nowadawys.
      Thank you for words and support. They are appreciated.

      Be safe my friend. It is a hard world right now. xoxo

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  11. Goddammit, don’t you just hate it when that happens?! 😭 It was a moment and a moment it seems you definitely needed in these circumstances. ❀️
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you that the airports will open again when you need them to, in the mean time look after yourself. Sending lots of love your way from the UK ❀️

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    1. Laughing so hard. Yeah, goddammit.
      The moment was magical. I am still basking in it ten days later. Like you said, it was a moment I really needed
      at this moment of my life. I like to think life works in magical ways. It really lifted my spirits. If I could
      find a connection during these difficult times we are living in and during this challenging period in my life where
      there is so much uncertainty about what lies ahead, I need this!

      Airports are supposed to open the day I am scheduled to return. Thanks for those crossed fingers. Things are
      going to get ugly for me if they don’t. My pills will run out. Trying not to even think about it to not get

      Welcoming your love with open arms. As the days wind down to my surgery, I cling to hope and smiles. Your
      encouraging words make my day so much sweeter. If I could find the miracle of love (even just a sweet connection)
      in the midst of all this painc and fear, I can find good health, too.

      You are a treasure.
      Please keep yourself out of harms way.
      Be safe.

      Grateful. Touched. πŸ’•

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      1. Drew you are far too sweet to me ❀️ I’m happy that you’re still basking in it, such shame she was married!
        Of course, try not to think about it. Take one day at a time and enjoy your rest in the DR 😊 I’m sure it’s beautiful there!
        I’m touched by your words that mine brighten up your day, yours has brightened up mine today 😊 Been very anxious as well with what’s going on. Very worried for my family but trying to keep it all in perspective.
        I’m keeping you in my prayers and that you find good health and the person that’s right for you.
        Feel free to get in touch with me anytime 😊 xx


        1. Very sweet…..exactly what you deserve. Yeah, not sure if you know this, I had two tough breakups in recent years
          so I have kept myself away from women, so when this happened, well, I was shocked but it reawakened something in me.
          I think I am ready to move on with my life (once this surgery is out of the way).

          Try not to be too anxious. Most people spend their lives complaining they have to go to work and they would rather
          stay home. Well, here is that chance. We need to make the most of it. More reading. Doing those chores we never
          have the time for. Even more reading or just spending more time with those we love.

          I will keep you in my prayers. We need more kind souls like you. Keep yourself safe and have faith in that all
          this will end.

          As for the person’s who is right for me? She will come eventually, well, that is if she isn’t testing positive
          for the virus. (A little joke). Be very careful.


                  1. Haha! Glad to make you laugh πŸ’œAs OK as one can right now given the circumstances, thanks 😊 UK’S on lockdown right now, so limited to leaving the house once a day for exercise or essential travel (food, medicine, essential work) So making the most of it by going for a walk during the day (lucky that it’s fairly quiet round here) and taking it easy for a few days before going back on pitching and writing.
                    Looking at reading another book from my collection, thinking of going with Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews 😊

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                    1. Pitching? What do mean by that?

                      I have three novels that i want to publish by traditional means. When I am better I plan on going to a few writing conferences to pitch my manuscripts to literary agents. Is that what you mean?

                      Red Sparrow. haven’t read that one. Let me know how it goes.

                      Make the most of this hibernation. Before you know it we will return to the rat race.


                    2. Yes that’s what it is 😊 Except with me it’s articles and short stories, want to pitch a novel that I’m working on in the future though once it’s done.
                      I’ll be sure to! 😊 Soviet era spy thriller that was made into a film with Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton, so I’ve got some high hopes for it being good 😊
                      Thank you, you too ❀️ I’m trying to make the most of it by throwing myself into my writing and doing my reading and language learning, take care of myself and stay home. Hope you take it easy and don’t push yourself too hard πŸ’œ Email me anytime you want to chat, love 😊

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                    3. Can do if you like 😊 Personally I think Lonely Author has a good ring to it though, but that’s just me! πŸ˜‚
                      Please do! 😊 It’s always lovely to keep in touch with people (if I mentioned it before, which I think I may have, I apologise! I write so many of these things recently I’ve forgot who I’ve said it to! πŸ˜‚) plus I’d hate to cram up your comment section!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


                    4. No… *shifty eyes* πŸ˜‚
                      Oh I don’t know, the massive conversations we have in them perhaps?? πŸ˜‚ Not that I’m complaining of course, it’s always a pleasure to have a laugh with you! 😊

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                    5. Of course. Whenever you’re ready and ONLY if you want to. Never feel like you have to. Trust me, I’m not easily offended so it’s cool πŸ˜‚
                      I can’t guarantee I’ll be of any good help but I can always listen and send lots of cyber hugs! 😊

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                    6. Cyber hugs are good. Well, other than the other day on the beach with my French friend, haven’t received a real hug in the longest.

                      Once, this heart thing and virus crap are over with need to get back to my old whore-man ways.


                    7. LOL
                      Oh, God, I couldn’t take your climate. I hide from the sun at times, but if your climmate is anything like they portray in the movies. Ugh.

                      Hey, bet you got a grwat accent, don’t you?

                      That question will get me in trouble with my followers. lol


                    8. It’s lovely in spring and autumn, but I can stand the summers. So humid πŸ₯΅ That and a bad case of heatstroke a few years ago put me off summer.
                      Well I don’t speak the Queen’s English if that’s what you’re asking lol πŸ˜‚ Think like Jodie Whittaker in Doctor Who. A little similar to that.
                      Why would that get you in trouble with your followers? Am I missing something? 🧐


            1. My friend, that is not the way to grow your blog.
              I am almost at 8,500 followers. I built the blog the hard way. By making connections and friends.

              Leave good comments on blogs you follow. And if they are large or popular blogs even better. More and more people will see your comments and they will want to follow you.
              Also, the people you comment on will follow you and comment on your posts. Of course, content is vital.

              But make connections and watch your blog grow. Best of luck.


                    1. Some suggestions of these big blogs? The ones I’m reading are not what I’m really interested. For instance one of the big blogs am following is on environment and travels when I’m more of a poetry and activist stories

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  12. I kind of relate to this…. but with me, its the guy who fell head over heels over me… i mean if its his real feelings the way he claims. His frence, found me on twitter. We spoke once and that accent he got, makes me wonder how u felt when u heard β€œthe lady’s” accent… how i felt?! I wonder… do i want to explore my feelings buried deep down and tucked away

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    1. Ah, so you kind of know what I went through. It was an azming experience even though it didn’t turn out the way
      I hope. Thank you for readign and sharing your own experiences. I appreciate your kindness.


      1. Yaa i do understand ur feeling… unfortunatly i live in NY. And tht guy lives in florida. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ. Idk how that will work out. I cant stop him from feeling what he feels toward me. I also dont know what will happen with my heart πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

        Thats what love is. To know to let go, to know to live with loss. To be able to sacrifice owns happiness for someone elses …. you know why ur heart was hopeful, because it found love, and it was loved back. Regardless of the situation, ur heart knows it is still capable if loving and being loved.

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        1. Yeah, my heart was reminded it can find love and be loved again. It had been a while for me since I felt anything special for anyone (and they felt it back too).
          So it did fill my with hope.

          As for you, Florida to NY is not far. Things can happen. Never question the heart.


            1. You should never say that. And never even consider it. Never close the doors to love. Love is what heals, brightens our days, and makes life worthwhile.
              Broken trust cannot be repaired, but it doesn’t mean someone else can’t be trusted.

              I hope you are well. Be safe.

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              1. Ur sweet… with the experiance i had with life… the way life always mocks me and laughs at me every time i am broken…. i gave up…. i cant bare another broken heart, i wont be able to live anymore.

                Its safer and better to be like this, behind closed doors 😒

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    1. Glad you think so my friend. Happy you enjoyed my little recount of events.
      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. Really appreciate it.

      I will continue to keep everyone updated on my health and surgery.
      Pleae take good care of yourself. Things are a bit dangerous out there.
      Be well.


    1. Smiling. That is why I wanted to share it. Two people making a special connection before all of this madness and social distancing.

      Thank you for taking the time out to read and share your thoughts. I am grateful for your kindness and wonderful support.
      Please take good care of yourself.

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  13. Most enchanting and interesting love stories in this pandemic time.true -why we should close the door for love in this terrible seeks only hope everywhere.any virus can not affect the feeling of love.your smiling and positive energy inspires well,live safe,my dear friend dew🌹

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    1. Yes, Aruna. This story that I wanted to share with everyone happened to me ten days ago. It shows that in times of fear and darkness, the light of love will always find a way to shine.

      We are living in a terrible situation, but we must cling to hope, love, and all of the good things that make life worthwhile.

      Be safe Aruna.

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      1. dear.!!love is the eternal light like Moon and Sun who are able to remove all darkness living inside us and shine always to show the path of blessed Hope.


  14. Most beautiful memories of your love stories force me to dear!!you are you like a Machcho.most beautiful and lovely post,my dear!!🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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      1. dear!! I think as you say.corona virus can not kill the feelings of love.i think -let open all heart’s doors for love.we all want that beautiful things because it is only a light for showing right path of hope,dear dew!!🌹🌹🌹


  15. Ahhh Drew… I was reading, my heart leapt, the gorgeousness, the kiss…… and then, crushed. No…..!!!! You probably heard that no…! all the way from the Dominican Republic.

    I’m sorry it turned out that way. But the time with her sounded amazing. Maybe the fact it was a cat-less beach was an omen πŸ˜‚.

    Great story, happy ending next time perhaps! Xoxox


    1. Crushed. Yes….!!!!
      Smiling about it now. Actually, I was smiling then as well. with all this craziness, fear, and panic going around us,
      I made a special little connection. For a few hours, pandemics, heart surgeries, and mortality were all forgotten. It
      was just me connecting with someone who appeared to be happy connecting with me.

      And that provided hope.

      Probably wouldn’t have worked out anyway. She’s into croissants, me I am a grapefruit and slice of toasted wheat
      kind of guy. You know what I mean. Two cultures clashing and stuff. LOL

      Happy you liked the story. Always blessed by your words. Always.

      How are you? Keeping yourself safe?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love how philosophical you are about it. It’s true, it shows how those connections can let everything else fall away. It shows they do and can exist.

        I’m sure you would have grown to like croissants. How could you not?

        As for how I am, NZ just announced yesterday that we will be going into full lockdown for four weeks as of tomorrow night. It’s happened very fast here, it’s for the best but it is a bit to grapple with. I’m lucky that I can do a lot of my work from home via technology. There are some issues (not least that my children will be home from school so I need to homeschool them too), but I will find ways!.

        I keep thinking about you. It must be scary to be unable to go home. Are the US collecting people who need medical intervention?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I provided my doctor’s and nurse phones numbers to Jetblue. If the airport lockdown here is extended, I was told they MAY BE able to get me out of the island. It most likely would be flights to New York where I would connect to another flight to Florida. So, I am not too worried about that. I would be a person in need of medical intervention.

          This peaceful place exploded overnight. It is a madhouse of fear and panic. I just stay in my hut playing with the dog and recieving a few visitors. My food is delivered. So, I really son’t have to go out.

          Well, at least you continue working. The kids…..
          well, I am sure you will find a way to work around them. Now, do your own work and homeschool….hmmmm. If anyone can do that it would be a woman. I myself, am trying to learn the delicate art of multi-tasking. Chewing gum and blogging. I can be a slow learner for some things. Perhaps, I will stick to breath mints.

          Four weeks is quite a bit. I would go stir crazy.

          Regarding the connections…..please forgive me. I was born with a diability. I am a man. Shhhhh!!!
          It took me some time to learn about the importance of connections and the different ways we can connect. Connecting in a spiritual
          soulful way is much deeper than the physical
          connections we make.

          I no longer want to be with a person because I need to be with them. I want to be with a person because I can’t be without them.

          Croissants. Haha. I am flexible. And I think, eventually, some cat would have lept on a table.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. β€œAnd I think, eventually, some cat would have lept on a table.”
            You have me laughing. You’re right. Cats love to jump on tables.

            I’m glad you should be able to get a flight. You surely have VIP status. It’s unreal the chaos that is going on.

            And yes, I likely will go stir crazy. My friends and I have already discussed Friday night FaceTime wine πŸ˜‚. I hope you are not going stir crazy. Great you have visitors.


    1. Love can be very tricky. Hey, the next time she may be single. I certainly hope so.
      But it was a wonderful experience, and for now, that was more than enough to make me happy.

      Thank you for reading and for your lovely words.
      Grateful for your kindness.
      Be safe.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That is so clever. That little magical afternoon came at a time of so much self doubt and worry.
      And that is not even including everything happening in our world.

      Your words are prophetic. A little life did fall upon me during all of the rain. You know something,
      I adore the creative poetic side of you. You are much more than this amazing beautiful talented woman.
      Underneath it all, your are a creator.

      Good old Smokey. Thanks for sharing him.

      Thanks fo the purple heart and your beautiful words and philosophy. Very touching.

      I hope you are dong everything to keep yourself safe.
      I guess this lockdown means you will be spending more time with your gowns?
      Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lonely dear,

        I’m working towards more time with my gowns. A new one is begun. However, the apartment is large, and I’m quite messy with all my creative hobbies, which includes cooking. So, there is a lot of stupid housework and sanitizing. SANITIZING!
        Also, I made myself a face mask (black) and I have these industrial goggles.
        Haha, I look like an escapee from Mad Max when I do go out shopping.
        People give me LOTS of space.
        I’m happy you like all of my words of encouragement. It means a lot.
        AND I hope you are feeling a bit better, and that you will get to the USA for your operation.
        So, until you fly, take best care!

        Your Purple Heart Friend – Resa


        1. SANITIZING. LOL
          Hey, Purple Heart Friend, I can almost picture it. lol. You must be fun to shop with,
          I am afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up with you in my current state.

          So we will be seeing more gowns and less graffiti. That is a wonderful exchange. Getting a chance to see
          your latest creations. Looking forward to it.

          Please stay safe.


  16. Oh my goodness, Andrew! So much of this is perfectly romantic and perfect and then the married part?! ….. I just about cried. Oh no! No! *sigh* Perhaps next time? Could this be a warmup for the read deal headed your way? Fyi … loved your humor woven in this!!
    As for this pandemic …. Tell me, am I living in an altered universe? Seems that way. LOVE will survive however!


  17. Just be careful you don’t get sick now… Safe travels… if the airport opens when it is supposed to.
    We had family come in because of a death. One leg of their journey was canceled. We though it was just a flight problem, but one of the airport employees had tested positive so the whole airport was shut down and our relative had to make some adjustments.

    While not set yet… we have yet to bury our family member who passed just two days ago… I am well. It is hard to comfort the grieving when you are afraid to touch…

    I can’t speak to those who are married and will allow for extra activity… a cruel joke to tease and then show the husbands photos to you. You deserve better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, things are so rough right now. This social distancing makes it impossible to comfort the greiving. Very sad
      situation we find ourselves in. Sorry, to hear of your loss. Please take good care of yourself.

      I deserve better. That is sweet of you to say that. Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your personal
      experiences with this difficult period. I hope you and your family find peace in your hearts. May the lost soul
      forever rest in peace.
      Be well.

      Liked by 1 person

  18. I adore how you took all the poetry from the day and weaved it here so humourously – not giving much heed to the sad parts. I also couldn’t help admiring your writing skills, employment of images and bringing the character to life – with the twist at the end. O. Henry style. Or even like you said, James Bond! Haha.
    In the movie Vicky Christina Barcelona, Maria Elena (played by Penelope Cruz) believes that ‘only unfulfilled love can be romantic’ – your lovely tale brought the truth of this statement to mind.
    Enjoyed the post, Drew! Take care!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You have me blushing like a fool Isha. So touched and humbled by your words.
      It was a magical moment for me.

      Only unfulfilled love, huh? Well, I am a pro at that. Haha. Will have to look for that movie.
      Thanks for mentioning it.

      Glad you enjoyed this. Grateful for your words.

      Please take good care of yourself dear. The world is dark right now, wouldn’t want your light
      to be dimmed by anything that is happening.
      Be safe.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Omygod you HAVE to watch that movie. You’ll love it I’m sure. Absolutely sure.

        Thank you for your kind and flattering wish, Drew. Hope you’re warm and hydrated too. Although I’m sure your powerful aura will prevent any Coro-nah from even daring to hover around you! Hehe. Have a wonderful day!

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Don’t want to belittle anything happening in the world right now, but perhaps the heavens wanted the lonely author to recuperate and gather his strength during these times, knowing his predisposition to venture out on beachy vacays as soon as any opportunity presented itself (hehe)!

            Social distancing is very important for everyone right now. A little patience, precautions and a lot of prayers will go a long way in helping everyone combat the worst.

            Thank you Drew. Warm regards!

            Liked by 1 person

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