My Thank You Tribute to Resa

My Thank You Tribute To Resa

Not so long ago, my dizzy spells and skull pounding headaches returned, breaking my spirit. Like an angel in the night (or out of an alley) Resa delivered a post dedicated to me. This beautiful gesture returned light and hope to my little hut.

Laguna Gri Gri is one of the Dominican Republic’s major bird sanctuaries, set along a peaceful lagoon flanked by thick mangroves. When I took these photos, my intention was to contribute a series of murals to Resa’ inspiring blog. Sadly, my health and the lockdown due to the virus extinguished my plans.

I will do my best to do this in Resa’s unique, artistic tour guide style.

This serious faced native who Lonely Author decided to name The Serious Faced Native is the first face we see as we enter the santuary. I believe the artist wanted to convey the need to respect nature (depicted in the feather and butterfly).

The black web behind her, I see it as a dream catcher. For me, this represents Resa. She spends her days capturing the dreams of artist’s and murals. Sharing these works of art with the world with the serious determination of The Serious Faced Native.

I named this painting Flor Bonita (Beautiful Flower). Wearing a flower in her hair Flor watches the flight of beautiful birds and the growing psychedelic flower before her. Like Resa, Flor admires the beauty of self expresson and creativity.

By her expression (mouth open in awe) Flor is dazzled by this beauty. Look at the shadows on Flor. She is facing the sun. For me this represents the warmth and brilliance of my beautiful friend Resa. Her caring heart (which she has colored purple just for me) and soul is a light that needs to be treasured in this time of darkness we are living in.

Half Face Moon is the mystery behind the amazing artist known as Resa. Drawn by an artist named Patricia, Half Face Moon displays some of her talent and beauty, but like Resa, there is so much gorgeousness hidden below the surface, sort of like the other side of the moon. Resa and Half Face Moon are the promise of the other side of creativity and love.

Then, we move on to Belly Button Door Knob Man. Now, I would have to do heavy drugs to associate this frog man with Resa. I can only think the door knob in his belly button is a representation of Resa opening the doors to creativity, welcoming it with her wonderful open arms. (Ha, I tried).

I end this with this stunning mural of a sunset as seen from the shores of the Dominican Republic. In the distance a ship appears. It looks like Columbus has discovered the New World.

Perhaps, he discovered a world of beauty, and creativity, and love. No doubt he has discovered Resa and Graffiti Lux Arts.

Resa thank you for your caring and support. Like an Angel of Art and Creativity, you came to me at a time I most needed it. My heart thanks you.



162 thoughts on “My Thank You Tribute to Resa

    1. Smiling. Bless you Diane. I return on Saturday next week. Kind of scared of the world that awaits me. In my weakened state, I cannot afford to catch tos virus.

      Thank you for your beautiful words and wishes. Always treasured.

      Please, take good care of yourself. This thing is not going to go away any time soon. xo

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      1. I am nervous— be a fool not to be—but we’re adhering to the stay inside orders and hoping for the best. I’m worried for you, too! Praying everyday that you get back to the States safely and get the surgery you need. 😘😘😘

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        1. Your blessing and prayers warm my heart. I am fearing these walks through two airports. I have gloves, mask, and santizer ready.
          Almost feel like I should be traveling in a human sized bubble or a head to toe condom to be safe.
          Thank you so much for your words. They inspire my heart.

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  1. What a beautiful tribute, tour, and collection of art. You did a great job of imitating and highlight both Resa and the art’s hidden beauty. Thanks for the beautiful and insightful tour Drew. May art and artists keep inspiring us during these challenging times. 🎨

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    1. Brad, you are too kind. I tried to do it in her style, but she is far more talented than me.
      Very happy you enjoyed this. Thank you my friend for contributing your thoughts to this post with your thoughts. Always grateful for your visit.
      Thank you
      Be safe.

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  2. This is a wonderful tribute to Resa. You have her style down perfectly. Fantastic artwork in the murals. Resa is going to love it. I find the dream catcher is really interesting. It’s very different from the dream catchers created by our Native Americans out here in the high desert southwest. Flowers, leaves, and egrets are such a contrast to the webs and feathers in our local dream catchers. But I’m sure both catch dreams and old them captive very well. The doorknob navel is great, and the intense beauty backed up by the moon is dazzling. Fantastic post, señor Lonely.

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    1. Glowing with happiness. Very happy you think this was a good tribute for our friend. I am hoping she likes it.

      I tried to find something in every painting that reminded me of her. She is a very giving, caring person who loves everything creative and artistic. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these different painting. I am anxious to hear hers.

      Thank you for contributing this beautiful comment to this post honoring Resa. She is a very special lady who makes this world a special place.

      Again, thank you so much.

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      1. I think she will be beside herself. Resa is a rare force of being who adds artistry and beauty to everything she touches physically and virtually. You are similar. I believe you are kindred souls, yin and yang in your virtual worlds of artistry, poetry, and passion — charismatic and empathetic masculinity and femininity coalescing into virtual harmony.

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        1. Caz, thank you for your amazing words. You have me laughing at your choice of words.

          Grateful you liked this post. She really has been there for me and I needed to thank her.

          Thank you for contributing your thoughts. Very grateful for your wonderful support. 🌹

          How are you doing? Holding up well? Or should I say holing up well?

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    1. Ian, thank you so. much for sharing this post that is so important to me. I wanted my followers to know
      how grateful I am for this beautiful, caring woman who has been so supportive to me. Your generosity and
      support are treasures in my humble life.
      Grateful for everything you do, especially all of these updates and reports that informs us how the world
      is dealing with our current crisis.

      Please stay safe my dear friend.

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  3. Reblogged this on Graffiti Lux Art & More and commented:
    OMG! Check out this thank you tribute from our own dear Lonely! The art is fabulous, and the sentiment fabulouser! I really never expected such a beautiful gift. So, please join me, as I revel in this sweet gesture, and all the art. Thank you, Lonely! 💜

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  4. My dear friend!!Resa is a wonderful girl and able to inspire all.her all murals are so much beautiful and amazing.her half moon’s mural and sunset pic is specially to be inspired and your all explanations about those murals are having the sweet sound.her all efforts for you is most admirable.i am too thankful for her works.she is following me.on her blog i will say her-thanks for her all amazing works.really she has healed your dizzy mood.your this post is wonderful tribute for her,dear dew!!

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    1. Resa is amazing. I hope she enjoys this artwork. Of course I was using a little imagination, but I did try to show
      how every beautiful mural was a reflection of her. It was my way of saying thank you to her.
      Thank you for your beautiful words and appreciaton.
      You are a treasure.🌹

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      1. My dew!!really she is reflection of all murals.🌹and by doing this she inspired for living in happy way.i admire her and feel thankful.she is incomparable inspiration🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷


  5. Drew, this is an incredible tribute to Resa. Her inspiring street art is fascinating, as much as your extraordinary art in this post. I hope you are feeling better, and faring well in these challenging times, everywhere in the world. 📚 Christine

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    1. Christine, I am grateful for you leaving your imprint on this post for my precious friend. Resa is an incredible woman with a caring heart and a wonderful eye for art. I thought she might appreciate art from another corner of the world.

      Thank you for your beautiful words. Your kindness and support humble me. Feeling better, i even feel awkward talking about my health with all that is going on in the world right now. I pray this nightmare will be over soon.

      Please, do eveything necessary to stay safe. Wishing the best for you and your loved ones.

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      1. Thanks so much, Drew, for your comment. I’m a retired nurse practitioner, so want to support blog friends going through medical or mental challenges, even during these COVID-19 trying times. I do respect your privacy, and understand your hesitation in sharing. Healing prayers for you. Your art is incredible & different from your part of the world. Have you lived in that country for many years? Your bio doesn’t give your history. Take care. 🙏 Christine

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        1. Not at all reluctant to share. I have shared so much I feel people may think I am selfish or self centered worried only about me me me.

          I damaged 9 disks in my back several years ago when I feel down a flight of stairs. I had to have cervical fusion of my neck. Not wanting to take addictive drugs to combat the excruciating neck and back pains, I went to the Dominican. Republic to purchase pain medicines that are not approved by the American Food and Drug administration.

          These pills are not approved because they can cause damage to the heart. And that is exactly what I did when I consumed them. I had tewo heart attacks during the holidays and honestly, I thought I was going to die.

          Now, I am waiting to have a procedure in April, hoping to correct some of the damage. Parts of my heart are not functioning properly and doctors (yes plural) believe my heart wil stop functioning with two to three years.

          That’s it in a nutshell. I came to the Dominican Republic to res up. My doctors are worried about my heart ot being strong enough for this procedure, but I really don’t have a choice.

          Trust me, I am not shy about this. Just don’t want people to think I am only wrid about me. I am very concerned with everything happening in our world.

          Thank you for your beautiful concern Christine. It means a lot. Everyone’s suppot has helped me get throiugh this difficult period of my life.

          Thank you.

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          1. Drew, thank you for sharing what you are dealing with. I’m so sorry you acquired a serious heart issue brought on by the treatment for another condition. It happens all too frequently. It’s a very stressful time for you, and you getting into art and photography through your blog is most helpful. Keep the connection for your well-being for as long as you can. Keep the faith that all will turn out well with the procedure is important. Prayers and good wishes again. Please let us know when you are scheduled for the procedure. We’ll be there for you. 🙏🏻 Christine


            1. Christine, honestly it is my poetyry and tyhe incredible supportive friends I have made here that
              have helped me cope with personal crisis. Now, with the world in the sheltered hole we found ourselves,
              it is more important that everyone encourage one aother and work together to rid this terrible scourage
              that infests us.

              Thank you for your beautiful caring words. I am grateful to get to know you and look forward to many
              more exchanges with you in the future.

              Please be safe.
              Sending you cyber HUGS, and you won’t need to sanitize after that. Smiles
              Be well.

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              1. Thank you, Drew. Happy to know you have strong support going through this. Encouraging one another to satay safe & sane is so important now, and after this pandemic is over. We’ll have the chance to communicate more. Prayers will be
                answered & you’ll be here many more years. 🙏 Keep the faith & stay
                strong. 📚🎶. Christine

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  6. 💜 Dear Lonely 💜

    Thank you from the bottom, middle and top of my heart!

    Yes, I rose, as a phoenix, out of the alley with some gorgeous art that was meant for you. (Smiling)
    Now, I was thrilled to hear you were collecting some art and murals for me, but this post has me flabbergasted.

    The art is gorgeous, and you have done it justice with your presentation. Also, I find your descriptions and interpretations quite poetic. I would expect nothing less from you, dear Lonely poet.

    That you see me as a Dream Catcher, is inspiring to me. What lovely eyes you have, Lonely. Of course you are correct to say I admire self expression and creativity. It has been my life line through the years.

    The other side of the moon, the dark side, holds promise, as you say. The dark can be intimidating. It can also be peaceful, a time to reflect, to take up creative endeavours and all to the music of a sleeping humanity.

    I’ll take your interpretation of Belly Button Door Knob Man. Omg… hope I’m not losing my humility within your appreciative tribute.

    Caring and support, you know, Lonely, I think we can all use some of that right now, during this time of Coronavirus. I know! Let’s share the care and support we feel, with all of our blog pals.
    I hope some read this comment and know that we support everyone going through this crazy time.

    At the risk of writing a book, I sign off my comment with – Love 💜

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    1. Smiling.

      What a gorgeous comment, perhaps as beautiful as the artwork on display. Rose like a phoenix….lol. Wish I wrote that.
      I really wanted to send you more artwork for your wonderful blog, but as so often happens, life had other plans. Glad
      you liked these murals and my presentation. I did my best to find you in every piece.

      We both have a love for everything creative. Of all the names, I thought the dream catcher best fit you. You are out there
      capturing these stunning images and sharing them with the world. I imagine you wouldn’t qualify as a patient for a transfusion,
      since you can only give love and creativity.

      Seriously, have you ever captured anything like Belly Button Door Knob Man? The image wasn’t as pretty as the others, but
      the creativity floored me.

      Caring support. I know you are all about that. And in this difficult period where closed doors are the norm, you open your heart
      and share your love. You are a truly amazing woman. And I want to be certain the world, at least my little corner of the world
      knows it.

      Thank you for everything Resa. You are shining through the dark clouds. May you always have the energy and soul willing to lead
      us with your gracious love. You truly are one of a kind.

      Forver grateful,

      Lonely. ❤️ Sorry, my imac doesn’t have purple hearts.
      Please, be safe.

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      1. Good afternoon dear Lonely!
        Hope you are feeling well today.
        I had a long telly chat with my niece last night. Then I fell asleep! LOL.
        Belly Button Door Knob Man…. I do have some very strange pieces, but I don’t think I have a door knob as a belly button. I’ll try to find something strange….. after I do a little sanitizing on door knobs (now that you remind me) and light switches.
        Yes, it is a very strange, closed door time. It’s like living in a Stephen King novel.

        Thank you for all your wonderful, kind and special words! 💜
        This post is very special to me.
        In less than a week, you will be on your way back home. 🛫 I’ve got fingers crossed 🤞that all goes as scheduled.
        In the meantime, take it easy, and yes, I’ll be safe, if you will.
        I’ll be back after door knobs, and I’m going t bake some cookies!


  7. What a beautiful and deserving post, Drew! Our beautiful Resa deserves every single description you have associated both with your lovely photos and even lovelier words!

    Take care of yourself in these crazy times! Hope you are feeling better.

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    1. Dale, I am flattered by your beautiful praise and appreciation. I tried my best to take every mural and
      make it about our darling, caring friend. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts.
      I appreciate your kindness.

      Be safe.

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  8. Oh my goodness, this is an absolutely beautiful tribute to Resa, I love the way you have seen aspects of her in the murals. Gorgeous on many different levels.

    “I see it as a dream catcher. For me, this represents Resa. She spends her days capturing the dreams of artist’s and murals.”

    Such a beautiful response, what a gorgeous way to show love and care between two people. So wonderful, both of you.


    1. Blushing here dear Rachel. I tried my best to tie in each character with Resa’s personality and love for
      creativity. Your appreciation of my work makes me so happy. Your opinion is very important to me.
      Grateful for your sweet words. Thank you for the encouragement. I was a bit out of my comfort levels
      there, but I think it turned out okay.

      Hope the rest of your weekend went well. Happy Monday.

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      1. Thank you Drew! Yes, Monday has rolled around so quickly. I’m breaking it in gently for the rest of the world 😂.

        I think your tribute to Resa was beautiful. Words and pictures both. Hope your Sunday is going well!


  9. What a gorgeous collection of images! Thanks for guiding me through this artistic beauty by your thoughtful and creative interpretations, Andrew. I feel so much hope, kindness and love in this post. Please stay safe and take care at this not so bright moment. Sending love and hugs. 💙


    1. Isabelle, reading your beautiful and caring words, well, it is the sunshine that fought through
      the dark clouds. As always your positivity and gentle soul provides beauty to a distressed world.
      Thank you for your contribution to this post.
      I am grateful.
      Please take good care of yourself and everyone you love.
      Wishing you healthy days of sunshine and love.

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      1. Was it ok to feel worried and moved by your recent post Curfews, coffee and an update? You’re loved by so many living in so many different corners of the world. This I’m pretty sure about.
        The lonely author isn’t alone.
        Please be well and be safe. 💙

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    1. It was my pleasure sharing these photos and dedicating them to this wonderful lady. Resa is a shining light in this cloudy world. A true inspiration of love and caring.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my little post and to contribute your lovely thoughts to the post. Grateful for your kindness.

      Hope you and yours are doing well.
      Be safe.

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      1. Thank you for the honor to Resa, and the kind words. Thank you, we are safe here. Of the population of 2700, only one person is said to be infected. But I doubt that this is God’s blessing. Rather, the virus seems to be afraid, to come here. 😉

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  10. What a lovely tribute to Resa. I’m a huge fan of street art love her blog. These selections are beautiful. I’m particularly intrigued by Half Moon Face, but they’re all wonderful. A kind and elegant post, Andrew. Thanks for the smile. ❤

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    1. Resa, has been so good to me. She has an amazing heart. And I didn’t want her beautiful caring soul
      to go unnoticed. I am a big fan of her street art as well.
      Thank you for reading my post and admiring the murals. I did my best to tie each one into her personality.
      Half Moon Face was also my favorite. Perhaps, it’s the opther side that we don’t see that intrigues us.

      Thank you for your beautiful words and appreciation. It really means a lot to me.
      Stay blessed. Stay healthy.

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    1. Very happy you liked my little post to Resa. She is an amazing women deserving of praise and admiration.
      Thank you for sharng your lovely thoughts and wishes. They fill me with joy.
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      Be safe.

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  11. Hey dear dew!! I have commented twice on blog of Resa for giving congratulations and saying thanks but my comments on her blog has say her my regard,please!!


  12. This is such a celebration of art and beauty and storytelling! Thank you for sharing these beautiful paintings (er, I suppose Belly Button Door Knob Man is beautiful in its own way too…) and this is also such a wonderful tribute to your friend 🙂


    1. Belly Button Door Knob Man is in therapy for his uniqueness.

      Grateful for your lovely words. Resa is amazing, so I am happy you contributed your thoughts to
      this post. Thank you so much for your kind words and visit.

      Please be safe. Things aren’t pretty n my old home town.

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  13. Such a lovely tribute for a wonderful person, Andrew! You have the ability to touch every soul that comes in touch with you. Bless you for your far-reaching and heartwarming words and gestures. May I add, the artwork and pics are fantastic.


      1. Andrew, The Lonely Author at a loss of words!! Are you kidding me!!
        That is so, so sweet of you to say, my dear. My comments are usually very spontaneous…so if they are beautiful, they are in response to exquisite words.
        Stay healthy, dear.


  14. Firstly, I am so sorry You are ill. I hope it eases greatly soon. 🙏🏼And….LORD! What outrageously beautiful art and lovely sentiments; even belly button door knob man. 😅 This is a wonderful tribute to Resa! Cheers! 🙂


    1. Smiling. Thank you for your kind words. I will get to Florida once tis travel restrcition is lifted, and at that point I will
      have my heart surgery. I will be okay.

      Thank you for your very beautiful appreciation. Happy you enjoyed the sentiments. They describe beautiful Resa so perfectly.
      Grateful for your friendship.
      Take care. Be safe.

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      1. Oh Lord. I am slow on the uptake here. I didn’t realize You were stranded due to the virus. I am so sorry….sigh. May this all pass swiftly. The day You have Your surgery will be a joyful one! Take care of Yourself…and Thanks for all the cheer You spread. Grateful for Your friendship as well! 🙂


          1. Bless You for Your humor! You’re the only person I know that has that on their plate….and You remain kind, funny and gift much joy. What an amazing heart/Spirit You have! Rock on and Thank You! You be safe, too! 🤗❤️😊


    1. Glad you enjoyed the paintings. I was so surprised and happy to find them. I thought of my amazing friend
      right away.
      In this time of lockdowns and sadness, we should all be searching for the beauty and light in this world.
      Grateful you shared your thoughts. Thank you for your visit Tenerife.

      Be safe.

      – Drew

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