Lonely Author: Looks Ahead

Lonely Author: Looks Ahead

After the passing of my friend of 20 years, I moved this comments closed post to today.

On this rest-cation, I have worked on my current novel of reincarnation & eternal love, taking small breaks to read and tweak my completed sci-fi love story Paradox.

I have discovered several writer’s conferences where I can sit down with literary agents and Hollywood agents to pitch my work.

Some are in Florida (Miami & Tampa & Jacksonville) and even my home town of Orlando. Obviously, the big cities like Los Angeles and New York have plenty. There are a few more in unexpected cities like Atlanta, Houston, New Orleans, and even Myrtle Beach.

There are also many screenplay contests that I will register for.

Once this pandemic is over and I am back at full strength, I will begin the charge.

I will keep you posted.

Anyone who would like to share their thoughts, ideas, or suggestions, can drop a message on any of my other posts, or if you prefer a more private conversation, please feel free to reach out to me at thelonelyauthorblog@gmail.com.

Stay safe, stay inspired.