doors upon the sea

Poetry under the palm trees continue….

doors upon the sea

who am i to tell the roses
not to bloom
how do I stop the hands of time
or silence a lonely wolf
howling at the moon
how can i not think of you
it’s like asking my heart
to remember not to bleed
or a pianist who lost his hands
to forget his keys
my beautiful muse
tell me I can lock these thoughts out
convince me
I can put doors upon the sea



Am I wrong to love my muse?


710 thoughts on “doors upon the sea

  1. The muse can be fickle. Just write something anything everyday, a small observance works. One sentence becomes two…
    The sea though is one door I would love to open and explore…


    1. Depends on the muse. Some muses are pretty flexible and supportive. Smiling to myself.
      The sea. I have adored her since childhood. I never get tired of watching her.

      Thank you for your thoughtful words and visit.
      You are a treasure. 🌹

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      1. Anything wet… My ‘sun’ sign is a water sign.
        Glad I live by a creek 🙂
        Last year I fed stale bread to the fish… it was fun to watch them some were tiny and others about half the size of my hand. I think, I hope by then (autumn…) the big ones found a deeper place to stay safe.

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      1. Hey dew!!yesterday,i was so much sadness,i wrote a poem.if you can see then read or left that”The nightingale has died” in my one layer of heart.i want to run away at unknown place.


    1. Why are you assuming I write well? The statement made me smile. I think a few people enjoy my writing.

      You asked me how I feel. About what? My health in general? Or how I feel about my writing and the reaction from my loyal followers?

      I speak both English and Spanish. So it won’t be a problem for us to comunicate. Whewre are you from? I lived in New York all my life, but I recently moved to Orlando, Florida. At this moment I am trapped in the Dominican Republic. I was on vacation here, when the travel ban locked me down here.

      Be well my friend. Stay safe. we will stay in touch with one another.


      1. Porque no me lo has puesto en Español,huviese gozado mucho de leerte,ya te dije que no tengo ordenador,solo table y no traduce,hazlo tu que sabes aunque sea unas letras,venga que tengo ilusion,dale alegria a casi mis 83 años, ¡guapo !!


        1. Sonriente. Lo siento mucho. Me encantaría publicar mi trabajo en inglés y español, pero me temo que mi blog, que es muy popular, me mantiene demasiado ocupado. Estoy tratando de editar mis manuscritos para que produzcan mis libros. Estoy tan ocupado ahora que no puedo pensar en tratar de traducir mi poesía.

          Gracias por tu apoyo.

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  2. Wonderful… saying so very much with so few words, holds one completely involved from the first to the last word. Praise be the beauty in the economy of words! Chapeau, Lonely Author…


    1. Smiling. You captured the essence of this poem so beautifully. There are things that are
      absolutely impossible, like not thinking of the one we love.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughtful words.
      I truly appreciate your kindness and support.
      Thank you.


  3. Bonjour ou Bonsoir mon Ami

    Rêve à des jours meilleurs , cela fait partie de notre vie

    Sourie , en pensant au bonheur

    Vie ces instants en écoutant parler ton cœur

    Ton ennuie s’effacera

    Ta vie reprendra des couleurs

    Dis toi que l’espoir ressemble à un fruit

    Si ce fruit est vert il n’a pas de saveur

    Ce fruit sera délicieux s’ il est mure , savoure le sur l’heure

    le Bonheur est à ce prix , pense à ces instants magiques

    Bonne journée ou soirée

    Bisous en toute Amitié


    Un petit bouquet de muguet qu’ il t’apporte bonheur au sein de ta demeure et partage le avec les tiens


    1. Merci beaucoup pour votre message aimable et inspirant. Vos mots m’ont rendu si heureuse. J’apprécie votre gentillesse et votre soutien.
      S’il te plaît prends bien soin de toi.
      Je suis très reconnaissant


  4. No my dear dew!! Never think to put the door on ocean.only ocean is with us to inspire for many beautiful’s all waves comes near to give wonderful messages like singing.At horizon,please see that wonderfully playing dawn before Sun rising and Sun setting before dusk and amazing night,it’s voice is like our heart’s song.not it is?dear dew!!


  5. Well, that’s about as beautiful as it gets! My jaw is gaping. I’m so glad to hear that you’re doing better and avoiding alligators. Keep writing this exquisite poetry. The muse loves you. ❤


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