a girl named eclipse

Something a little different…..

a girl named eclipse

a poet born
between a nightmare and soliloquy
surfacing from the deep
to write poetry from beyond
the penumbra of her heart
where loneliness pulsates in tones
echoes of the forsaken
serving as hallowed church bells
chiming the sad truth
not all of us are meant to be loved
like this child of the shadows
a girl named eclipse



474 thoughts on “a girl named eclipse

  1. “not all of us are meant to be loved”

    Ahh that line…something about it just got me. I think sometimes we are all a little afraid that we are Eclipse and those sad and melancholy bells chime their refrain to us that love is for others, not for us.

    The poem is so haunting and perfectly done in its marriage of vulnerability, pain, and ethereal beauty.

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    1. You are one of the few that has delved into that line in this way. Yes, at one point or aother,
      I believe we all wonder if those bells are chiming for us. Very impressed by your thoughtful
      comment. For me, the entire poem was that one line along with your thoughts.

      It was written, one night I was feeling those very same sentiments.

      Your beautiful words and thoughts, really touched me. You read me very well. So appreciate that.
      Feeling like a lucky guy to have someone talented and thoughtful like you interpreting my work.
      Thank you for your gracious words. They are treasured.

      Be safe.
      And stay inspiring.

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      1. I have nights like those, I walk that exact same path sometimes—I’m surprised that we haven’t bumped into each other yet on that twilight road 😉

        Thank YOU for such a warm and heartfelt comment in response. It makes me feel seen and heard. Xoxo

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  2. I believe that melancholy will be what we remember of these current times… if we ever can go back to what was before? Going to the grocery store and not being treated like cattle in shoots just feed ourselves. Will handshakes and hugging strangers in need become a thing of the past. I’ve got a neighbor who is a WWII Vet and I think living through the Depression still weighs heavy upon his heart (as well as his time in service – though he entered towards the end and may not have seen as much ‘front line’ action as others).


  3. This brought tears to my eyes. It is so hard sometimes to look at life and love pass us by. My hearts breaks a little at the truths that lie in this poem. Wonderfully written though. I send you a hug to ease your troubled heart!


    1. I have a little melancholy smile on my face. There are some truths in this poem. I like to think
      that everyone is meant to be loved, but it doesn’t always seem to happen that way.

      Touched by your beautiful reaction and words. Thank you so much for sharing them with me. It means
      so much. Grateful for your kindness and support.


  4. I have met Eclipse, Destiny, Faith, Hope and Karma. A lil piece of all reside in my vessel. But I have never seen someone Eclipse in this manner. Very nice read Drew
    Hey…..only 3 more big sleeps and its Friday. Ur getaway day🧚‍♀️ Happy for u. Come by and see what’s happening on my end. U still havnt told me anything after reading my DarkShadow one….


    1. Oh, thank you for this beautiful message and your lovely appreciation.
      Sadly, the government here decided to extend the state of emergency and
      the airports remain closed. Thus, my flight was cancelled and I am still
      here on this island.

      Appreciate your kind words. I will be over to your blog


  5. “I a surprised you didn’t call me (the hopeless romantic) out.” Well, I know you’re a hopeless romantic so no need to call you out. I think you believe everyone is meant to be loved, even Eclipse, even in those dark moments. Xoxo

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    1. Just commented on your gorgeous piece.

      You know me well. Of course I believe everyone is meant to love and be loved. Funny, no one called me out on this.

      You know me to well Rachel.
      Thank you for your words.
      Have a beautiful day.

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        1. I know the little guy is.
          I think my Thursday post will have to be comments closed. So many people are visiting me blogging is nearly impossible.

          I have three different friends who brought priests to bless me in the hut. Another one scheduled for tomorrow. It has been an emotional day….in a good way, but emotional nonetheless. Everyone so worried.

          I alwasys talk about not having romantic love, but wow, i am overwhelmed with the other kind. It almost seems unfair to be so loved.

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          1. I can only imagine – you’ll be inundated with well wishes and goodbyes. Says a lot about you, how well loved you are. It’s not unfair, it’s what you deserve. And I have no doubt that you’ll find romantic love too – I’m from the future, trust me 😂.

            I suspect many of your next few weeks will be very emotional days… hang in there my vagabond poet.


    1. Hola Jeena.
      You are new to my blog so you may not know ow busy this blog is. Right now, I have 250 comments waiting to be answered. I have your comment and I will be responding to it soon.

      Don’t know if you know I have some heart problems. I will be having surgery in a few weeks. So, I do now rush through comments to not stress or tire myself.

      I always respond and approve all comments. Even the unkkind ones, because everyone has a right to express themselves.

      Trust me, you are an Angel that has arrived at my blog. I treasure your thoughts. Thank you for your beautiful support. You make me feel blessed.

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      1. I am sorry Drew, But I didn’t mean to hurt you. I really love to read your post. And Thanks for you mentioned here I am an angel and I am making you feel blessed.
        And I want to promise that my prayers always with you. And God bless you abundantly. Trust in his perfect timing. And everything will be alright.
        Thank you so much for your support. Be safe.
        Can I ask you something?
        Write something for me and Post that on May 1st?

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        1. You didn’t hurt me at all. I assure you of that. My health is not at its best, and I am trying to answer the comments the best I can.

          To be honest with you, after replying to your comment earlier this morning, I took a nap and just woke up.

          I will begin to reply to comments now.

          Any particular reason for May 1st?

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          1. Oh so I wake you up today morning… Great day for you. 😊
            If you post on May 1st, then I will tell you.
            And Drew, you will be alright.
            If you like to know about one of my Miracle God gave me.
            The last year May 27 th I got an accident. When I crossed the road, hit by a car. But God send two angel to save me. I saw them. And I didn’t get hurt. Within one week I was able to go out. Really it was a miracle.
            I didn’t share this with anyone. It’s the first time I share this to someone I like.
            Take care.

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                1. I hope you had a great birthday.

                  But you see how many followers I have. If I did a birthday post for your I would have several dozen
                  requests from other ladies for the same. Then, my blog would be the birthday blog.
                  Can’tdo that.
                  Thank you for understanding

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                  1. I can understand. My birthday, It’s as usual. I didn’t celebrate. And I got Great messages and Greetings from friends and family. They are in all age groups. By God’s grace going good.
                    Thank you for your message. Hope you are doing well.
                    🙂 Be Happy Always…

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    1. Thank yyou for your beautiful read and words. You appreciation of my little poem makes me so happy.
      I am, as well as can be expected. Waiting for this little republice to life the travel ban so I can
      go back home,
      Thank you for asking.
      Be safe my friend.

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  6. Hey great piece❤️surerly all should be loved..there will be some person who love eclipse to. It should wait until it found perfect eyes to love it like you..


  7. Wonderful poem. Melancholy and true. The moon in the lap of the lovely lady outlining her luscious lines in bright white light is perfect.


    1. HAha
      Do you know I was just chatting woith a friend, and I thought she wrote this.
      So sorry for the confusion.

      Sorry, that you agree with the phrase. I try to be optimistic and i believe there is love for all of us.

      Thank you for reading, Very grateful for your kind thoughts. Always grateful when someone shares their thoughts.
      Thank you and sorry for the confusion.

      Have a great day.
      Stay safe.


        1. Thank you for your kind wishes and prayers.
          Every time I think I am off this island and ready for my surgery, the government extends this lockdown and shuts down the borders.

          Your prayers are greatly appreciated.
          God bless you and yours.


  8. Wow.wonderful that girl named eclipsed who is able to fulfil your most longing to go USA by her blessings.she has inhaled your pain and by exhalation,arranged the flight when you were crooning the sad song.wonderful blessing of her soul.not it is?my dear dew!!mask your face and stay safe🌹care your beautiful heart🌴🌴🌴


    1. You made me so happy with your words. I know the poem is a b it of a downer, but unlike the poem,
      I do believe all hearts are meant to be loved. Even the ones in the shadows.
      Grateful for everything you saw in my little poem.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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  9. My dear dew!! You have posted thrice on my blog but i could not read that.here is my fault.have you blocked me? I was waiting for you.Are you angry with me?plz reply soon


  10. Dear dew!!tonight was moon eclipse.I remembered your this poem and thought what that girl named eclipse would write on heart behind the penumbra🌷


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