a sad song

a sad song

now, the doors that once kept people out
are the barriers that locks me in
now, that we are virtually connected
i find no connections at all
there is the stranger i once ignored
i greet him with a masked hello
does he wonder what happened to the routine
we took granted for so long
now that my watch crawls in ferocious silence
hope breathes freely inside these walls
while i listen to my creaking rocking chair
croon a sad song

310 thoughts on “a sad song

    1. You know Timothy. I haven’t felt the stress of the pandemic sitting under the palm trees all day, but when my flight off of this island was cancelled a second time, I started feeling a bit trapped. So, writing this became a little easier.

      Thank you for your very generous words. They are so apprecisted my friend.

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              1. Oh my, I’m so sorry that you weren’t able to have your surgery…the wordpress community and I will continue supporting you with lots of love through your journey! πŸ’œ

                Thank you for your concern, things are getting better where I am though, grateful for that πŸ™‚

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  1. LA, seems to Tubularsock that what you need in an electric rocking chair and speed around the house to boost your
    spirits. But do be careful of spots of water on the floor.
    Tubularsock has found that the breaks on those electric rocking chairs can cause a spin out and thus a true reason
    for crooning a sad song.

    Sounds like being trapped on an island is much like being trapped on an elevator. Tends to bring you down. You hope!
    Cheers in the middle of the end of civilization.

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  2. Beautiful and sad- something you do so well. I was sorry to hear your flight got cancelled, Drew. I hope you enjoy the time in paradise, even if it’s forced. 🏝 😘

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    1. Grateful for your kind words Violette. Touched that you liked my poem.

      The flight…..what can we do. A little more time in paradise.

      Hope you are well.

      Again thank you for your beautiful words. They are appreciated.

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      1. Yes… I’m guessing there are worse places to be than where I am now, but when the feeling of freedom feels out of reach… I’m reaching the breaking point haha πŸ€ͺ

        But I really love the poem Drew 😍
        I hope you’re having a great day and lot of coconut water… I miss that thing πŸ˜‚

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        1. Laughing so much. I was drinking plenty of coconut water, but last night I was able to escpae the island on a emergency flight. I am in New York right now, waiting for a flight tomorrow that will take me home to Orlando.

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  3. Drew….
    This poem is tragically beautiful. I think my heart stopped along with your watch with these lines

    β€œnow that my watch crawls in ferocious silence”

    This is so powerful – the painful waiting and inability to hurry time. Time, ruthless and passive aggressively mocking you with its slowness. And the rocking chair – the perfect symbol for time standing still, confined within it, its occupant listening to that sad song it croons in sympathy.

    But Drew, what I also love about this poem is that you still include hope within those walls, within the confines of your situation. I think that is part of what makes you amazing and an inspiration for many.

    Such a beautiful poem

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    1. Rachel, first let me tell you, I am reply to you from a hotel in New York City. I was able to hop on an emergency flight yesterday. Landed yesterday evening. I am staying in a TWA Hotel right here in the airport. Tomorrow morning I fly to Orlando and will finally be home. YAY.

      You summed up my thoughts on time so perfectly. After my disappointment from having my flight cancelled twice, I really started thinking about time. I thought the rocking chair as a good symbol for stagnant time.

      I was feeling the poem was too depressing, so I wanted to have one line with a sliver of hope.

      Funny thing is, I wasn’t feeling this lockdown until this past week. I write a poem about it and hours later I am escaping the island. Weird how life works sometimes. That is why we can never give up hope. No matter how bad things are, or how bad they get, we can’t give up hope.

      Thank yuo for saying it was inspiring. That means so much to me. As do your beautiful words and appreciation. Very touched.

      Thank you so much.

      Now, that I am finally off the island, we can move onto the next step.
      Fingers crossed.
      Thank you my dear.

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      1. Can I like this comment a hundred times over? My heart soars knowing you got on that flight, knowing you will so soon be home. That feeling, when you walk in the door…. so emotional I imagine. The sliver of hope in your poem was there for a reason – it’s now well validated and I think is a sign for how things will unfold from here. Take a deep breath, I’m taking one for you. Will you have to self quarantine?

        Sending you all my thoughts, wrapping you up in them like a hug.

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  4. Hallmark of a brilliant poet…to turn a disagreeable situation to a beautiful, melancholic verse. The dichotomies of present so gorgeously expressed.
    Andrew, the times are so unprecedented and unpredictable. We are all prisoners right now. But don’t lose hope. Sending you lots of warm hugs.

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  5. “there is the stranger i once ignored
    i greet him with a masked hello
    does he wonder what happened to the routine
    we took granted for so long”

    Oh beautifully, beautifully poignant, Drew! The poetic sensibility with which you observe the current global climate and its effects on all that was taken for granted, all that used to be the only known way of life is moving and thought provoking… How strange to witness such an unnatural world – unknown, rather than unnatural…hence fearful and unsettling.
    This pandemic will be recorded by poets. Artists will reveal what it truly was, and this poem achieves that. You truly are one of the best writers I’ve seen on wordpress Drew. In a few deft master strokes, you paint a haunting, moving, touching work of art… Wow.

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  6. I am so sorry to hear your surgery has been delayed.. I hope you find some way to take care of your heart, Drew… I find having to stand so far from everyone very surreal.. though its not half of what you are going through.. love to you.. I pray restrictions will ease for you soon.. ❀

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  7. I like the poem, as I do most of your “stuff” πŸ™‚

    However (you knew there would be however right?) I feel like I have deepened some of my connections with people. More talk on the phone than texting. Better listening -not just hearing. Does that make sense?

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  8. Beautiful poem on the current topic.i am feeling like you.so much heart is hurt by those lines”we took granted for so long,now that my watch crawls ferocious silence,hope my breaths freely inside this walls,while i listen my creaking rocking chair…croon a sad song”,my dear dewΒ°!!keep faith on God and yourselves.all will be good.may be your poem is so much sad but believe-all conditions are coming in control.here only HOPE is best supporter for all.Truth is Truth.at last The Truth wins and triumphs on all Evils.it is sure.✌

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  9. My Andrew

    Poignant and beautiful .

    This too shall pass. Something amazin is on the horizon.

    All my love for you and your heartfelt, poetry


    Your Fiery

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  10. My heart just about broke as I read your words. I’m fighting tears. All of us find ourselves in such a bizarre nightmare that our spirits scream to wake up from. Don’t buy into the nightmare, Drew. If we did, we’d no longer be human. BIG (((HUGS))! I pray this does not mean your flight was canceled. xoxoxoxo

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  11. I felt every word of this poem. Describes my feelings so perfectly about the “ferociousness” of silence. It is interesting how we now treat people with care and actually speak to our neighbors. Many things we took for granted, we no longer do. The bright side of a terrible trial…coming out the other end into the light and appreciating those people and things around us more. xoxo

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    1. Made it safely back to Orlando, after a two day stop in New York.
      Thank you for your beaurtiful words and friendship.
      I have always treasured our blog chats.

      I will be gone for a while after my Tuesday procedure.
      Please take good care of yourself.

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      1. Glad you are safely back home and everything is now back on track for you. I sent an email wishing you well, hope you received. Thank you for the beautiful words now, something to treasure, as friendships are not always easy to come by. Stay in good spirits, and l look forward to your return. Cuidate mucho. πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you so much. Made it safely home after a two day stay in New York.
      Thank you for your beautiful words.
      They are treasured.

      Tuesday is my heart procedure. I will be gone for a while.
      Please, take good care of yourself. Mucho love. xoxo

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      1. I’ve just made an offer on a small house for me and youngest. Needs work but I really love fixing a house up. New floors, paint, maybe refinishing the cabinets. It’s close to both my older son and my bonus son and their families so it will be a good location. In an over 55 community so pools and hot tub and a big clubhouse. I know people that live there so will be close to friends too. And maybe I’ll write more there! Thinking of you always and sending hugs and prayers and smiles! Love you, my friend, and tell me how you recover next week!!

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  12. Awwww
    I love the poem..
    Never take for granted what we have and love…
    Drew – I’m praying for your moments
    and that you are able to get back to NYC..
    Sending love to cover you πŸ’•
    Plz keep us up dated my friend

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      1. Yes plzβ™₯️
        You’ll be on my mind and in my heart..
        Can I have your email ?
        In case that’s the only way to check on you through your family.. I had it at one point and cannot find it..
        Big hugs Drewβ™₯️

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  13. Where is my comment?my dear!! I said you to keep the faith on God.and believe on the word-HOPE.your next post is awesome reply of those two words.good luck and happy journey🌹.my dear dew!!

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  14. “now that my watch crawls in ferocious silence” such heavy lines… That’s exactly how i feel my days go by… I hope you are well as you can be. I wanted to ask if you could not get some help through an embassy since you are awaiting surgery. I hope that coming back doesn’t jar you too much. You are in our daily thoughts and prayers.

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    1. Smiling at your lovely words and touching concern.
      I am replying from my home in Orlando, Florida. I finally escaped.
      My procedure is on Tuesday. So, I will be gone for some time. not sure how long.
      Please take good care of yourself Querida.
      Be safe.


      1. Praying that your procedure is completely successful and that your recovery is as smooth as it can be. Hang in there Andrew, you’ll do well… Not only do you have the love and wishes of your loved ones but also from all of us ☺️☺️☺️ We will await to hear from you but please don’t rush! Take care of yourself, be kind and gentle with yourself.

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  15. Really a great poem, My Friend!! Loved it – especially, “now that my watch crawls in ferocious silence” – Wow!
    Hope you are doing well?? What’s going on with your travel and your procedure??? Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Drew!!!

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    1. Honored Chuck. Your generous words fill my heart with happiness.
      Finally, back home. The procedure is this Tuesday the 19th.
      Thank you for asking.
      Appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

      Stay safe my friend. Not sure when I return.
      Take care.


  16. Dear Lonely,
    You are a heartbreaker! That’s very cool, as your words are drenched in truth.
    When I go out to find supplies, I look at myself in the mirror. I am in my armour: my mask, hair concealed, ears covered, neck encased, goggles and a cloak of fear.
    This is what it has all come to.
    I truly hope you are, as well, as well can be.
    I send love. It’s invisible. It’s all I have right now, and I send some to you. πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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  17. This poem illustrates our current times and us not being connected as we all should be.
    I know after this lockdown…people will be more health-conscious. I won’t be the same for some maybe but others it will pose a problem.

    I love your poem. Thank you for you always being you.

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    1. Charlie, thank you for always being you.
      You are an amazing, supportive, and creative dude.
      You are a gem. A person who makes WordPress a better place.

      Thank you my friend.
      I will be gone for a while.
      Take good care of yourself.

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    1. Holly, your words warm my heart. Much needed since my AC is too cold.
      Thank you. I have known you for over four years.
      You are an incredible poet.
      Gorgeous woman- in and out.
      I am lucky to have had the chance to know you.
      Bless you

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  18. Your few lines speak volumes! Indeed a situation that nobody anticipated, a time that will be remembered as the months when the earth stood still, when uncertainty loomed but will also be remembered as a time when Hope and Faith were the strongest weapons, to fight the undetectable demons inside our heads. This too shall pass. Stay well πŸ™‚

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  19. Wow! This was brilliant Drew. I especially loved the line “now that my watch crawls in ferocious silence” so descriptive of waiting for something. Everything about this was wonderful… keep that hope alive.

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