Recently purchased two 100 foot extension cords. This poem and every poem scheduled to post in April, were written under a palm tree.


my restless heart can’t sleep
ever since she soaked my dreams
like a warm summer shower
of fireflies and fantasies
cascading radiance onto my soul
splashing away the darkness
causing my moons to shine
every sunrise to glow
my life is one sleepy blur
sleep or reality
i don’t know
just let me die of insomnia
so i continue dreaming of her

There will be a short funny post on Wednesday. Feel free to drop by and celebrate my birthday with me. xo

308 thoughts on “insomnia

  1. If this is what insomnia is, I’m not sure I’ll ever want to sleep again. I’ll stay up all night reading poetry and drinking endless coffee all day. It’s the kind of poem that makes my heart race a little and takes my breath. You have such an intoxicating way of writing.

    “ever since she soaked my dreams
like a warm summer shower
of fireflies and fantasies”

    I like the blurring you have between dreams / fantasy and reality, of awake and asleep… it’s so true of those dark and silent and long moments of nights of insomnia. It’s so beautiful Drew.

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    1. Rachel, I am smiling reading your message. Being a sufferer of insomnia I know this feeling all to well. The blurring of images. Was it a dream or wasn’t it.

      You are very generous with your compliments.

      We both know you would be drinking coffee anyway. Lol 🤣🤣

      Seriously, thank you for your beautiful words and praise. Your breakdowns are al was sys beautiful. And I am flattered how you read me so well.


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      1. Haha! I thought you may call me out on that one. Possibly the staying up all night part too. As an insomniac, I relate to that blurring of sleep and wakefulness so much. But the way you describe this particular cause of insomnia, well, that sounds like something worth staying up for.

        And, you’re welcome ❤️

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  2. You do make insomnia beautiful. If one could share a little insomnia with the woman in the photo, sprinkled with your poetic fantasies, would make insomnia most tolerable.

    Life under a palm tree seems to put one into a lovely state of mind. Those extension cords were a good investment.

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    1. Those extension cords were a great investment. Now, I am doing the lockdown under a palm tree. Can’t complain.

      The lady in the photo…….sigh.
      She is a dream.

      Thank you for your beautiful message. Really appreciate your thoughts.

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  3. You are a wise man, Andrew…if not for the extension cords, we would have been deprived of the beautiful poetry written under the palm tree!
    You make insomnia sound so desirable! Reality does get blurred on the edge of sleep…beautiful as ever!
    Happy birthday in advance! Stay blessed, dear one.

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    1. Hah. Too kind. Insomnia is terrible, but was able to take mine and creative something out of it.
      Grateful you think is sounded desirable. Thank you for saying that.

      Thank you for gracing me with this beautiful comment. It really means so much.
      Touched as always.

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      1. Now when you use insomnia in such a creative way, one would obviously romanticize it! Lol
        Insomnia can be terrible but you made it sound so good…hallmark of a good writer, you would agree!
        Don’t accuse me of being kind or writing beautiful comments…it’s all in response to what you write. Haha!

        Happy birthday and stay healthy.


        1. Punam, I suffer from severe insominia. I only slept 3 hours last night.
          But I was lucky to be able to romanticize it.
          But I do feel for everyone who is suffering from it.

          Thank you for your lovely words and your kind wishes. I am grateful for
          everything you say to me.


  4. Oh my soaking your dreams…i must have paused and read that more times than I’d like to admit. It’s nice to wake up soaked once in awhile… My dreams are quite vivid. I can remember them quite well… But insomnia… No one is worth losing sleep over… Ok maybe a baby. Speaking of babies, there’s one that was born this coming Wednesday who we can’t wait to celebrate!

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    1. Querida, Yeah, it is wonderful to wake up soaked by the dreams of someone close to our heart.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughtful words. I rwally do appreciate them
      As for that Aries child born n April 8th, he is grateful for wonderful friends like you
      who make him feel a little less lonely.

      Thank you Querida.
      Always ❤️

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    1. Ah, I was able to get a sigh out of you. Very touched by that. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts with me.
      I am truly grateful for that.
      Thank you for the birthday wishes. Appreciate that as well. Thanks.

      When is your birthday?

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  5. I can feel the summer heat through your words. I got insomnia too and I completely relate on the blurry line between dreams and reality. It sucks. But your poem just made the whole thing so dream-like and perfect.

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    1. Smiling. Insomnia can blur the lines between dreams and reality. So happy you related to it,
      but sadden for the reason – your own insomnia.

      Grateful and flattered by your thoughts and reaction to my poem.
      Always thrilled to hear from you.

      Be safe Jessica. And get some rest…..

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  6. Sounds like those extension leads were a good investment Drew. You need to write more poems under that palm tree. This was so beautiful. Insomnia never sounded so good to me. Big hugs and love sent to you my friend. 💙✨

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    1. They were a great investment. Finally, getting some sun on my pale skin. lol
      Thank you for saying insomnia sounded good. lol. Appreciate your beautiful words.
      Sending mucho love back to you.
      Take good care of yourself and everyone in your heart.❤️

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  7. Wonderful insomnia -one side it can not allow to sleep and other side it inspires you to write so much lovely poem.hey dew!!can we both exchange our nights.i sleep very much because i love to can not take the good sleep in night.if i may take your insomnia then i could talk with the constellation of my sky.if you may take my lovely sleeping then you can take the good sleep all is wonderful and most lovely for that girl i will be able to say my friend-i miss you.🌹

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      1. No ,meri dost.i am not a puppy(puppy is said for a pet-a cute doggy)but your jaan and yaar.much love and and big hugs,meri jaan!!💖💖💖💖💕💕💕💕💕💕💕


      2. 🐕🐩🐶like these cute puppy,you say for me.wonderful imagination,meri jaan!!so much you are sweet.please,hug me on this point.i want to come in your laps and live in your home.hey yaar!! Prepare the biscuits of many different type.OMG.Now my imagination is telling me you are an Indian peacock which dance is mesmerised everybody by his dear dost!!you know-Peacock is our National Bird and in India , peacock dance is most sweet and amazing.i will send you a video on this dance,but i don’t know your e-mail.can you send me your is some confused and dangerous thing specially for girls.i have publish that dance on you tube if you like.So much love and Big hugs,Querida amiga.💕💕💕💕💖💖💞💞💞💞💝💝💝💝


  8. Most special line of your poem”,my life is one sleepy burr,sleep or reality I don’t know,Just let me die in insominia,so i continue the dreaming of her”,so much beautiful panic and and for me amazing manic🌹and most amazing line”ever since she soaked my dream…..,” who is she ,my dear friend!!can you tell me?i have read this poem many time and feels more and more stars are shining.🌟🌟🌟🌜🌛every lines are shining like the advance happy birthday🎂 dear dew with all snnshine’s day and all twinkling starry night and both may say you-i love you🌹

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    1. smiling Aruna. Love the way you interpret and appreciate my poetry. Honestly, you are too kind
      and generous with your amazing words. Who is this person who soaked my dreams? I don’t know Aruna.
      There are so many wonderful muses in my life. It is not just one woman.

      Glad to make the stars shine for you. That is a beautiful thing to say. Very flattered.
      I hope they do love me.
      Grateful for your lovely words and touched by your radiant soul.
      Thank you my loyal friend. I treasure you.


      1. Hey dew!!you friend has sent you email with a song.what is the first line of that song? I want to it because on that you commented on your post “a voice come…”i needed it to sleep”,after knowing this i am most eager to listen that.plz reply.


  9. This is the delectable type of insomnia I’m trying to exist for.
    I hope my insomnia takes a cue card from this & switches things up from seeing imaginary forms in the darkness of my room to creating beauty as deep as your words. ❤️

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    1. Yes, dare i say, an insomnia to die for….lol

      Sorry, you battle insomnia. I have severa years losing this battle. Now, I just use the time
      to day dream about life, women, and the beautiful muses in WordPress.

      Thank you for your beautiful words and appreciation. Your thoughts are always treasured.
      Grateful and flattered.

      Please, stay safe and inspired.

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      1. Indeed 😉

        I’m sorry for your case of insomnia, at least you’ve found a creative way to deal with it.

        Mine started late last year… with a string of headaches along with it. So I sink myself in books, sometimes random videos on Youtube etc…

        I’m very honored to read your poems Drew.

        Take care & be safe ❤️

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  10. I “feel” the Caribbean in your words, Drew. What an environment to write! Oh lucky lucky you! *sigh* Just LOVED this poem. The romance and the thought of it in my own life. *sigh* And as for the song ….. now I won’t be able to get it out of my head all day! LOL

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    1. It is such an amazing environment to write and get inspired.
      You words have me glowing. This gorgeous comment will stay with me for quite a while.
      Grateful for your kind and generous words. They made the sub, palm trees, and island
      breeze even more treasured.

      Dream A Little Dream…. I have always hearted this song.
      Hopefully, as you live this day, you will find a moment to dream a little dream.
      Please, be safe and stay inspiring.

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  11. Drew, this is beautiful beyond words. It’s like silk. Sometimes chirps like taffeta.
    she soaked my dreams
    like a warm summer shower

    The finale is a classic.

    i don’t know
    just let me die of insomnia
    so i continue dreaming of her

    Splendid. I can’t wait to read more from Poetry under a Palm Tree. I may come back to this poem. I feel like it deserves so much.

    Have a beautiful day. What do you what for your birthday?

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    1. Smiling so hard it is hurting the cheeks.

      Your words make me so happy. Such a gorgeous message. Truly touches me.

      Need to make a confession. Why is it I always find myself making confessions before the Goddess of Poetry? Anway, I must confess, I am starting to feel like a poet.

      Thank you for these beautiful words.

      My birthday? Ha. I always go out for dinner and a mojito (even when I am alone). This year? I will answer this by saying this. All my life I dreamt of writing (novels/poetry) while sitting in a beach chair or under a palm tree.
      On my birthday, I will live my dreams. What more can anyone want?

      Don’t know why my eyes are so full of tears. This got me very emotional.

      Sending mucho love your way. Sorry I wasn’t able to send palm leaves for Palm Sunday.

      Be well Querida Amiga.

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      1. Oh, Drew, you are such a beautiful soul.
        Drew, YOU ARE A GREAT POET. Sorry, for capitalizing 🙂 letters but I hope I can get you to understand that. And you are beginning to understand “I am starting to feel like a poet.” Wonderful.

        “All my life I dreamt of writing (novels/poetry) while sitting in a beach chair or under a palm tree.” WOW. Here we are part of the same dream You live the dream. I can’t. Don’t let me down.
        Are you sure you don’t want anything else for your birthday? 🙂 No confession to make?

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  12. What a truly gorgeous piece of poetry and dreams this is,,. I love the image it painted in my mind, showers and moons and sunrises and beauty. You have such a gift andrew, you make Wp so much lovelier with your love soked poetries. Many hugs

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    1. You have me in tears, and not the virtual kind.
      Ms. Sparkles you Angel of love and Beauty. You always make my day. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. You amazing appreciation always touches me.
      Big hugs right back.


      1. Ooooh your happy happy birthday is comming up, that’s soooooo cooool. It is on the eighth of April right ? Many gorgeous sweet grand happy lovely wishes from my dear Roy and me. Enjoy your birthday week. Stay happy my dear. Many smiles and love your way. Xoxoxo

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    1. I am sure some people are so affected by the stress of the virus they aren’t sleeping well.
      That is not my case. I suffer from back and neck pain from an accident that doesn’t let me

      Take care Neil. I hope our current situation does not disturb your peace.
      Be well. Stay safe.

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    1. Smiling. Almost makes one want to be an insomniac.
      Thank you for your beautiful wpords and appreciation Diana.
      You always bring the light with you wherever you go.
      And I am grateful for that.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
      Always appreciated.

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  13. Yes we need sleep so we can have those dreams. Sounds like this is ongoing for you. Hope your writing helps draw off some of the angst.
    Thanks for your visit and if I dont get back Wednesday- Happy Birthday!!!

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    1. We don’t always need to close our eyes to dream. Some dreams, can be best enjoyed fully awake.
      Writing has been my therapy and my joy. Even when I am writing about sad things.

      Grateful for your visit. I am touched by your lovely words.
      Thanks for the birthday wishes.

      Please keep yourself safe.

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  14. You managed to turn something like insomnia into something beautiful and romantic. Sorry to hear of your back and neck pain due to an accident. Keep on writing your lovely poetry, stay safe and well and I pray that you will have a very happy and blessed birthday on Wednesday.

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    1. Lately, I have been trying to turn my insomnia into positive (to not lose my mind).
      The pain has been there for 7 years. Getting accustomed to it. It is what it is.

      Grateful and flatteredd by your lovely words. So happy to read them.

      Thank you for the birthday wishes.
      Please stay safe and inspired.

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  15. Ok, I absolutely love the movie French Kiss and the soundtrack! So I really enjoyed listening to that. 🙂 It sounds like your muse has been inspiring you again. 😉
    These lines
    “ever since she soaked my dreams
    like a warm summer shower
    of fireflies and fantasies
    cascading radiance onto my soul” – all I can see is a waterfall at night with dancing fireflies and the two of you entwined. I wish my insomnia was half as delightful! 😀 And a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU my darling friend!!
    Oh and when I think of you, I think of this song from French Kiss – La Mer – the sea…seems to fit you perfectly beach boy. xoxo

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    1. That is a good movie (French Kiss). Enjoyed it very much.

      Now, I am so happy you liked those lines. This entire poem came from those lines. It is rare I start
      a poem with the first line. It was these that triggered my inspiration.
      Love your beautiful thoughts of the waterfall. Really inspiring. Perhaps one day you will write about
      this waterfall.

      Thank you for the birthday wishes. Thank you so much for your kind words and the lovely song you attached.
      Bless you always.

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  16. Dear Lonely,
    It seems that palm tree is working out well for your poetic inspirations, because this poem is stunningly gorgeous.
    That you have poems for all of April is a sure sign that you are benefitting from that
    palm tree, as well.
    I don’t have a new post on Art Gowns, yet, but it’s close. Creating away here, as you create away there.
    Sending hugs and love!
    (no sense skimping on purple hearts right now!)

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    1. Looking forward to your next Art Gowns post.
      Happy to hear you are creating away. I know you are happy in that zone, just like I am when writing poetry.

      I have never had a month of posts ready. This really is a first for me. Feeling very inspired inspite of everything.

      Thank you for your beautiful words and appreciation. You are so right. No sense skimping.

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  17. As someone who loves to sleep, insomnia can be a terrible thing! But with a dream like that, I think you’re adequately compensated! Wishing you a wonderful birthday in advance. 🙂


    1. It is a very terrible thing. I have never been a big sleeper. Six or seven hours at most,
      but there are nights it is only 2 or 3 hours.

      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. I appreciate your kind words and support.
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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  18. I read this (weird, I didn’t get notification) as I’ve been lying in bed wide awake, tossing and turning for over an hour, finally reaching for my cell to see what’s going on in the blogosphere… I fear I have one who has soaked my dreams…


  19. Hola my heroic friend! Oh what a gorgeous and sultry poem once again… who captures longing,
    the depth of wanting and the bittersweet notions of a promising love lingering in the air better than you?
    (Trick question – no one! :P) Tu eres arte! Tu eres valor! Tu eres coraje! So much love to you (PS who is that hot lady in the picture? Maybe your nurse´s long-lost niece?!) Mil besos. Te admiro!!! xoxoxo


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