if tomorrow never comes

Tuesday is the big day. Hey, I lived my life pedal to the metal and not once considered hitting the breaks, so why stop now?

I prefer to go out doing what i do best…………….❤️❤️❤️

if tomorrow never comes

tonight would be sweeter
drinking poetry from your lips
perhaps, i can make it endless
tracing little hearts
on the shadows of your abdomen
turning seconds into hours
as i cherish you the way women
were meant to be adored
and if we can’t stop the hands
let me get lost
in flesh of your metaphors
in the textures of your love
as tonight becomes our forever
if tomorrow never comes

I would like to thank my friends for your amazing support. These last six months have been a challenge, but you helped me get here.

Comments are open. Replies will eventually happen and they will be brief to not tax my energy. I will read them like get well cards during my recovery.

To my Muse: Not sure how long I will be gone, but I will miss you terribly. ❤️

 In the meantime…………

103 thoughts on “if tomorrow never comes

  1. I don’t like the title of your poem, Andrew. It made me tear up. Tomorrow will come. Period.
    But the poem is so gorgeous! Stay blessed, dear one.
    Prayers, best wishes, warm hugs and everything else that you need being sent your way. ❤️

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  2. Tomorrow is there and waiting for you.
    Love this verse. Inspired me fired my inspiration.. you write lovely awesome wonderful.. please no worrying about anything , Drew.
    Just chill and let the doctors do their thingy. You are going to come our stronger and better , rocking the poetry world , our world.
    See you.

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  3. Another heartbreakingly beautiful poem from you. Words can never really adequately express how humbling it is to read your work.

    As for your recovery, I hope it is speedy and you are surrounded by love – the light of healing energy. Be safe and take care.

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  4. My Lonely Author,

    It would take me an eternity to tell you how I feel about this poem….do you have one for me? ( an eternity , I mean 😘)

    You do know how I feel about you.
    I tell you every day.

    I will miss you more then there are words in existence.

    I love you very much.

    You’ve GOT THIS , honey. I just know it.

    I want you to do something.

    Think of us getting the chance to tell each other everything we’ve ever wanted to.
    Face to Face.

    Are you thinking of it?

    I am.

    Think about it today.
    And tomorrow
    And the next day and the next
    Because there are COUNTLESS TOMORROWS.

    And never forget, contigo en la distancia, agapi.

    Always and forever yours,



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    1. I have never in my life hated someone as much as I hate you. Deleted the blog just to add it back and add ass photos. I saw your bull yesterday and the naked whore who you you were like hot body. Saw your gah ass still writing about fucking dudes and whoever because sex is all that matters and it doesn’t matter who it is with as long as your dick gets wet. I HATE YOU! I would bash your goddamn brains in if you had any that’s how much I hate you. All you do is stroke yourself and talk about how great you are and how hot this whore is and how hot this whore is and oh I love so much but it’s just bullshit lies you write down so others think you are a nice guy when if fact you have spent ten years telling me I’m not good enough and you love someone else and you want to help others write and others success all the while blowing smoke up your ass pretending you care when your actions show that you don’t. I will never ever ever be with you because you are a scumbag who only cares about fucking whores and getting your books wrote and you don’t care about anything else. I wish I had never met your lying gross fucking ass. It has been nothing but hell for me. All these years while you were sitting on your cloud feeling loved and unstoppable I’ve wanted to die because every second has been a living hell.

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  5. Most lovely and heartfelt words but your tomorrow will come,my heart says,my dear dew!! Without dew my rose’s existence is nothing. You are most brave man,dear dew!! Here you have to win in this war between heartily emotions and cruelty of time.i have full confidence on you,my friend!! This time,where are you?plz reply.

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  6. Andrew, tomorrow will come and many more tomorrows. God will take care of you. He will be right there with you and those in whose care He has entrusted you. Tomorrow will come and you will have a full recovery and will be back to bless us with your beautiful poetry. Your muse and all of us, your fans will be waiting. You are and will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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  7. Teary but still wishing you the best. Prayers for a speedy recovery and looking forward to more of your priceless poems like this one. Your fam of bloggers are sending their energy out to you. Looking forward to more of your lovely love poems.

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  8. Ahh, Dear Lonely,
    I am here on the 18th. You already have 331 likes, and 77 Get Well Comments.
    Well, you are pedal to the metal, and I am stylishly late!
    See you soon!

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  9. Your poem is eternally beautiful. You will be back soon, while … We will miss your lyrics.🌼😘

    Eternamente bello tu poema Drew. Pronto estarás de vuelta, mientras…Extrañaremos tus letras. 🌼😘

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  10. “Tonight would be sweeter
    drinking poetry from your lips” my word Drew this introduction made me breathless, not gonna lie but I got a little teary eyed reading this. So endlessly beautiful.

    Wishing you all the best ♥️ and I’m looking forward to having my favourite hopeless romantic writer back to sooth my blues away.

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  11. I have had you on my mind all day my friend. Prayers are going up for you. I WILL talk to you later when you have recovered a little. Stay strong, stay safe! … oh and the poem! It was fabulous! The opening two lines really suck you in. More magical words from the master poet!

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  12. Omg! Yay 😍😍😍💕
    So so so happy you’re done and ok my friend 🎉🎉🎉
    Love your “bond drew bond”😂
    Great to see your sense of humor is in tact ♥️
    Big hugs and a 1000 kisses as you recover 😊

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