if tomorrow never comes

Tuesday is the big day. Hey, I lived my life pedal to the metal and not once considered hitting the breaks, so why stop now?

I prefer to go out doing what i do best…………….❤️❤️❤️

if tomorrow never comes

tonight would be sweeter
drinking poetry from your lips
perhaps, i can make it endless
tracing little hearts
on the shadows of your abdomen
turning seconds into hours
as i cherish you the way women
were meant to be adored
and if we can’t stop the hands
let me get lost
in flesh of your metaphors
in the textures of your love
as tonight becomes our forever
if tomorrow never comes

I would like to thank my friends for your amazing support. These last six months have been a challenge, but you helped me get here.

Comments are open. Replies will eventually happen and they will be brief to not tax my energy. I will read them like get well cards during my recovery.

To my Muse: Not sure how long I will be gone, but I will miss you terribly. ❤️

 In the meantime…………

103 thoughts on “if tomorrow never comes

    1. I wasn’t planning on answering any comments this evening, but I can’t lose this opportunity.

      Your poems are always comments closed, but I want you to know I love your blog and adore your poetry. It is painful to read some of your inspiring works and not be able to comment. Just want you to know you are a wonderful poet. 🌹

      Thank you for your beautiful words, wishes, and prayers.
      They are appreciated. xo

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  1. I would wish this kind of tonight could last forever too.
    “tracing little hearts
on the shadows of your abdomen”

    I think it would be etched on a soul for all the tomorrows.

    Thoughts with you Drew/ Island Breeze in my hair /El vagabondo/McDreamy / etc. (Don’t you know, the more nicknames you have, the quicker your recovery from any surgical procedure, scientifically proven fact).

    Sending love and hugs and strength and you know, everything ❤️

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  2. Drew, there was a comments closed on your last blog. I tried to find an email (private per Gravatar), to tell you my immediate reaction—tears & chills—reading your words, then listening to Elton John sing, Can You Feel the Love Tonight. The same goes for your post today (open to comments), If Tomorrow Never Comes. Keep your thoughts immersed in love, and the promise of tomorrow. The words you gather in your (healing) heart will be for more poems, and staying connected to your family and friends. Especially your virtual friends, like me. We’ll be waiting. Prayers & Good Wishes for Success tomorrow. 🙏💘🙏 Christine

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  3. Oh God now I am crying and I know deep in my soul that you will be fine. There simply is no other option or I will never forgive you! And yes, this is all about me, I simply cannot take anymore loss in my life! So you need to make a quick and strong recovery and be back with us soon!❤️❤️❤️

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  4. Look at all these ladies waiting for you to return. You can’t let them all down by even thinking that tomorrow might not come.
    Take all the love and wishes and prayers sent your way and use them to help you heal.

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  5. I think that tomorrow will come. 20 years ago I faced a major surgery and as I was wheeled into the OR I felt I had a lot of people with me. There were prayers, chants, meditations all being sent and they were there with me. You will have all of us there with you. 🙏💕🙏

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  6. Hey handsome… always stay positive….. and pray for urself

    You will do great… best wishes for you

    Alot of prayers for you
    In sha allah (godswilling) your surgery will be a success
    And you will be send back to us….. all brand new 🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️

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  7. Tommorow Never Counts

    A mathematical model
    broken down
    to infinitesimal elements
    Combination of the finite
    Each moment well lived
    Each word that escaped
    Each cup raised to thy muse
    Each dance in her arms
    Each heartbreak
    Each resurrection
    Hold on to those moments
    Cherish and cheer
    Moments that are today
    If those moments spill over
    Tomorrow will be another day
    Tomorrow never counts
    ©Pranab Sarma, 2020

    All the best Drew. Will wait to hear the good news. The poem above is my response to life as well as your poem. Wrote just now after reading your post. Shall wait to post till after your successful surgery news.

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  8. Your last post made me tear up, Andrew, along with the song and that classic movie that always makes me cry. Then I read this, so I was unaware of your surgery until these posts. Like everyone else, I’m sending best wishes and prayers for a successful surgery and a remarkable recovery. Your writing is magical and I can’t wait to read more. Take care of You.

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  9. (Don’t strain yourself to reply, I’m just putting this out there 😅🙈, why do I feel like calling you Andy although I know the names you want us to use? 😶) anyway, hope you are doing great and looking forward to hearing news about your health! 🙈 Stay strong 💪 💝

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  10. not only will tomorrow come, but it will be here stronger and more full of life than ever! what an amazingly sensual poem you left us with before your healing journey begins………I know I have said this before, but whoever you have in your thoughts as you write these words is one very lucky lady. 🙂

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  11. Glorious Drew….I love these lines…..
    “tracing little hearts
    on the shadows of your abdomen
    turning seconds into hours”
    …… and I’m listening to this song at the moment….keeping my friend…..

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  12. Drew, Tubularsock wishes you the best and if those doctors dressed in white need any expert help, Tubularsock is pretty handy with a sawzall, a drill, and a hatchet!

    So just call.

    Stay strong and see you on the flip side. Even though you may be running a little like 331/3 rather than 78! Keep the needle in the grove.


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  13. With you in spirit.
    Always, forever, my friend.
    You’re a lover, with
    Prose and poetry,
    Words of wit and wisdom; and
    You’re a warrior.
    Stronger, braver than you know.
    You have enough light
    To dispel any darkness,
    Vanquish any foe.

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  14. Awwwww
    You make me weepy…
    Little traces on her abdomen.. so romantic and beautiful.. love this poem
    you my dear friend are etched in my heart…
    Cannot wait for your return💕

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  15. Tomorrow’s gonna be amazing! And the next day and the next day and… I hope you feel peaceful leading up to your surgery and start to feel better quickly after. ❤️
    Your poem was gorgeous and delicious. 🔥 I’m looking forward to many more when you’re ready.

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  16. I’ve followed your blog for years now and rarely ever comment but this calls me out again. I hope you are so wrapped in love that no worries, worry you. I look forward to reading your next poem and the ones after that and even more after those. 💖

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  17. No.my dear dew!!your tomorrow is made for us.it is that SUN about which called to never set in British Empire before 1940/46.my promise of dawn!!why are you anxious about tomorrow.it is depended on your self confidence.you should say that past is never be repeated.good luck,my promise of dawn!! The ray of Sunrising’s Hope. I don’t want to lost you.my all blessed prayer is with you.i want to say many things so tomorrow will be has to come.don’t worry my dew!!we both will live our full life.❤best of luck.please inform me about every moments in hospital.my soul will be there to give you new hope of tomorrow.xoxoxoxo🌹🌴🌹🌴🌹🌴🌹🌴🌹

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  18. I think-tomorrow never comes.but it is blah blah.our all todays was tomorrows.a flourished tomorrow is waiting for you.i am too waiting for you ,my dear friend.bless you with my soul and Supersoul.plz keep faith on God.He is with you.🕇🕇🕇🕇🕇🕇🕇🕇🕇🕇🕇

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  19. Sometimes I think what more could I say that hasn’t already been said? But each of your poems draw more out of me. Tomorrow WILL come…and the day after that, and the day after that…You must live long glorious years to come. I insist. And you know me, I can get bossy sometimes. 😁 I must make a special gift to the gods of love and poetry to allow you to spend the rest of your life wrapped in the arms of your muse while you continue to inspire us with your inner beautiful thoughts. (Ooo…I’m feeling so very lyrical tonight! 😄)
    I send you my love, my hugs, my prayers dear friend. You have brought such sweet joy to so many with your words. I hope that our words will give you the strength to fight. We await your return with baited breath…xoxoxoxo

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  20. If tomorrow never comes then at least we all would be gone and that’s not so bad really. But tomorrow will come, Tuesday will come and go, you will recover and heal, and we will patiently await your return. ☺️☺️ Put yourself first and know your are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.

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  21. I’m swooning so much at this sweet, melancholic poem, heartfelt and so so addicting 🥰

    Sending you the most positive thought my favorite poet. Recover soon and return to us stronger than ever. Hugs and kisses 🤗😘

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  22. Another beautiful piece of work Drew and such a tribute to how women are to be loved and adored. Love lost in the hands of time to where it last forever. You do what you do and you do it beautifully well my dear friend which is why you’ll carry on. Tomorrow never dies, love never ends and a heart that’s strong goes on and on. You are all three my friend, keep your faith and we’ll see you upon your return.🌹

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  23. My dear friend!! Heart surgery is not hard and panic.only a wire in hole of over the heart.that removes all blockages in heart.this is Angiography in modern medical science.no pain but rest for may be one month.no pain.my school teacher had sufferd from heart stroke but by Angiography,she is well more and works as before. No be depressed.i believe on God and God says-you will be absolutely fine as before to live,love, laugh❤

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  24. Oh my god, Drew, don’t scare the fandom with such titles! 😱

    The poetry is truly lonely author style – loving women and honouring them… You’re a bright light to so many and definitely to me, Drew. Your constant support that evolved into such warm friendship is something I treasure always. I have been praying and I will continue to… Can almost fully visualise that comeback post of yours – it makes my heart full with happiness. Much love and warmest regards, dearest friend!

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  25. Tomorrow will come and go, as always. You know the saying “tomorrow is just another day”, right?. My good thoughts and prayers are with you, waiting for you to come back!

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  26. Drew, I will be praying for you to be surrounded by lots of love, support and peace…prior, during and while you recover from your surgery! As you go through this overwhelming time, I truly believe God will be your strength and hope, keep trusting Him cause he’a got you covered! I look forward to reading future blog posts once things settle down a bit. You are truly an inspiration! Thanks for being a ray of sunshine on my page, your encouraging words cheered me along, you’re truly appreciated! Take care my WordPress friend😎☀️💗

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