dancing leaf

dancing leaf

a dry leaf dances
when the cool wind
drags and pushes her away
reminiscent of the fashion
you discard my love
for every time we get close
‘til our souls are almost one
you become a gentle breeze
softly caressing my heart
then, you’re gone


302 thoughts on “dancing leaf

  1. Hey ❤️🔥
    I really have to confess, I just didn’t know how to comment on this one, My Lonely Author. It made me sad, especially that one line…sigh. But it is so gorgeous in its delicate imagery, as though there was a warm breeze flowing through the lines. But it made me so melancholy! And that just…threw me. But I could feel the love in each beat…and that longing ❤️ But it made me feel like…far away or something.. you know? I am not making sense, huh. Or maybe to you I am lol
    You are a Beautiful Poet and I Loved it.

    Always Yours,


    1. Dear Fiery,

      Your words and appreciation made me smile. Your “not knowing how to comment” hopefully is a good thing.
      It was a melancholy poem. So, Your reaction is perfect and it warms my heart.

      Have missed you.

      Thank you for your words, appreciation, and beautiful praise.
      They warm my soul.

      And that is always appreciated.

      Thank you so much

      Lonely Author

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              1. Will do, ty
                it’s a crazy world right now but there’s got to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

                I tried to save you a bite being the thoughtful being that I am but it’s somehow disappeared from my plate, smh so mysterious.

                Stay inspired, well and safe ❤️

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  2. Damn that breeze! I crush dry leaves, when I press my heart down upon them.
    I think now they can’t blow away, but eventually they do, in pieces.
    So, I wonder about you, a little here, a bit there.
    I send you a friend’s love and embrace you with my best of wishes.

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    1. I tend to crush dry leaves as well. Never gave up that childhood habit.
      I was doing very well until last week, ironically, it was the week I started
      opening my comments. Struggled with low blood pressure again.
      So, it has been a bit frustrating.

      How are you Sweetie?

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts.


      1. You are so very welcome, Drew! Always happy to share your posts with followers! Reblogs are how you support friends!!! Maybe the Devil’s Angel??? LOL! Happy to hear that you have recovered most of the way. What’s the verdict on getting to 100%? (if you want to say? chucklindholm@hotmail.com – offline)


    1. Your beautiful analysis makes my heart so happy.
      You captured my thooughts and intent perfecly.
      Thank you for readign me so well.
      I appreciate your kindness and support.
      I will be gone a while.
      Please take good care of yourself.

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