dancing are rays of moonlight
on the ocean
dancing are your verses
on my skin
goosebumps slowly transform
into prima ballerinas
dancing an eternal allégro
a pirouette of white plumes
stirring me with passion
tickling the crevices
in my soul


290 thoughts on “allégro

  1. Most interesting and beautiful poem and image.seem -they are dancing in my inside existence with fully devotion like you feel.firstly,my dear friend dew!!forgive me to late reply.i am feeling so much sad that i read your poem so much late.actually i was busy in submitting the income tax from four days.some time, go to take the statement of bank,go to take some urgent documents and thrice time to go at Income Tax Office,oh ,so much tiredness was felt by July 31 was last date but because of corona there all place,all officers did not meet at just i have done my work.Today,in income tax office suddenly,you were remembered by know -how i am stupid.very very sorry for missing your awesome know-i like so much dance of ballerina. With swans and moon her dance is inspiring me to dance in white dress and plums.hey dew!! Why you feel the goosebumps on her dance.i like that line specially”, dancing are your verses on my skin”marvellous😘😘😘😘😘😘dancing at eternal allègro a pirouette of white plumes,stirring me with passion,tickling me every crevice in my soul”.most cheerful lines.this feelings are in heart then we can live,love,laugh in enchanting way.Really most beautiful and melodious poem……..and that moon …..❤so much lovely like calling dear dew!! Did you have seen that dance? I can see it only on T.V.this is most fast and difficult dance but most beautiful much love this poem and your emotions in it❤🌹🌴❤

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      1. You too Drew. You too. May your heart RISE TO THE OCCASSION. As you always do!

        ❤️❤️ ❤️❤️ ❤️❤️ ❤️❤️ ❤️❤️

        p.s. I think it’s super cool that we have the same name.. my husband calls me Drea for short.

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  2. What a gorgeous piece. Your splendid metaphors enchant everyone. You are the King of Love, Drew.
    “dancing are rays of moonlight
    on the ocean
    dancing are your verses
    upon my skin..”
    Your Queen must be in heaven. Magnificent work.
    Sending you enchanting rays of moonlight….

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  3. So weird. When I tried to open this post I got that 404 error. So from today’s post I was able to go back. Nothing happens for nothing so from here I first say this poem is beautiful. And since your comment are closed on today’s post…

    From here I can say: I send you all the good vibes, strength, courage, love, faith you can take – no messing with the widow maker (way too familiar to me) so get all you need to and let them fix you up. xoxo

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  4. I spoke too, soon. Yes, I read backwards on blog rolls, often. This time it truly made a difference.
    I can only send love and best wishes. I send to you all I have! xoxoxoxoxoxo 💜💜💜💜💜
    This is no time to scrimp!

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  5. This is stunning Drew! There’s magic in those words. I’m enchanted by the subtleties of some words and the flamboyance of the others.
    “dancing are your verses
    upon my skin”
    Beautiful. Splendid. Heart warming and above all égaré!
    I’m stoked by the beauty. Just lovely.


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