Candle In The Window (100 Words)

candle in window

Candle In The Window

After the disastrous dinner with his parents, Jennifer assumed Tom never wanted to see her again. His parents wanted better for their son. By night’s end, Tom could only shake his head.

The following day, Jennifer texted him. “Getting out of work late. On my way home, I will pass your house. Leave a candle in the window if you still want to marry me.”

Choking the steering wheel as if it were his parents, Jennifer squeezed the blood out of her fingers.  At the next corner, she made the sharp turn…

She found a candle glowing in every window.


92 thoughts on “Candle In The Window (100 Words)

  1. Love the mini, tiny story time. Hope you’re doing well. Me regaining slowly much which I had lost physically, mentally and creatively.


  2. A candle in every window ♥️♥️♥️
    Such a romantic you are.. does my heart good to read some of your beautiful words – finally 😍
    Perfect ending.. give me more 😘
    Hoping every moment finds you stronger and healthier my friend💕
    You have been missed !
    Big hugs


  3. What a sweet story! It goes to show that love doesn’t need or require anyone else’s opinion – only the people who care about each other. I have a question for you Andrew – is there anyway to contact you besides through WordPress? I wanted (if you don’t mind) to get your opinion on some poems I wrote.


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