The Lonely Author en Español

The Lonely Author En Español

To my English speaking followers. This is a promotional video in Spanish, searching for Spanish speaking poets and authors. I will continue to post in English twice a week, but I am hoping to post videos in Spanish every other Saturday.

I want to grow this channel so it becomes a worthwhile tool for all of us.

Amigos, estoy buscando poetas y escritores que hablan Español.


107 thoughts on “The Lonely Author en Español

    1. That uis so interesting. We can promote it if you would like. Please stay in touch with me if and when you are ready.

      Thanks for stopping by to share your personal experience. I appreciate your words and support.

      Have a beautiful and inspiring weekend.

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              1. Between office and home I get 1000 to 1500 per day. If I didn’t have most email notifications turned off I would be in the many thousands per day.

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          1. Yes I do speak five ( plus) foreign languages: Albanian ( my native language), Italian, French language, German language , English and some Spanish language.
            I never knew that Spanish language would capture my heart. It’s just a lovable language, that’s all. 😊

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              1. Ooh… okay Mr Lonely Author. I must confess that was hawt

                It’s the only way. Only YOU know what brings you joy and you’re doing it. Whoever doesn’t come along with you was meant to fall away from your field of vision and let you continue in your flow
                If everyone just followed their joy, imagine what the world would feel like 💐

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                  1. You’re right… I think there’s a place for everything and a place for everyone IN those places…and if something doesn’t resonate with someone or something then they need not pursue it , and fearing change doesn’t stop it from coming! Those who are held back by fear are only hindering themselves, not the Change
                    For you, vlogging is where the road is taking you and honestly, I was thinking of this the other day and now we’re having this chat so it fits …I know you’ve only been doing it a little while, but for me, it feels so natural to witness you and share you in this way, vlogging, listening to to WHO you are and watching you share your self in this way with others. It’s like you were always meant to do things this way and now I can’t imagine you NOT doing it. So for me, my instincts tell me you’re meant to be here

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                    1. Well, i agree with everything you said. I always felt as if I shared a lot of my life with everyone, yet people always told me they wanted to know more about me. This is how they will experience mhy life and personality.
                      They can hear my voice and feel a better experience.

                      Guess its just me.

                      If I am wrong and this goes no where, I will stop blogging and just work on my screenplays and novels. That was exactly where my head was in November. I was 100% decided to never return to blogging. But Titi and friends convinced me this was the next step in The Lonely Author progression. He actually wanted me to creat an app.

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                    2. Oh Titi… please tell him I say hola 💋
                      Well you never know honey, one day we may ALL have the Lonely Author app and wonder how we ever survived without it
                      They were right. It takes others to see what we can’t sometimes and then we know where we’re going with a little nudge from another
                      You are doing exactly what you’re meant to do. It may not be what others expected but you can’t live your life doing what others expect, it’s a road to nowhere, we both know that
                      It IS a better experience. For others they may just prefer reading! Let them. I and I am sure soooooooooooo many others are fully immersed in the Lonely Author experience.
                      If it doesn’t work…eh.. you move on as you said. No regrets because you followed your gut.
                      And your novels and screenplays will have their time. And you’ll know when that is too 💋

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                    3. I will in April when I see him.

                      LOL You make me laugh. He wass convinced I could translate all of these followers into 500-1,000 people paying a dollar a month for the app. The money sounded good, but I don’t know. Making an app isn’t free either.

                      Others have told me I was meant to do it.

                      No another note, I am doing it to help bloggers, poetsm, and writers promote themselves. Maybe it will catch on. We shall see. It is still early in the process.
                      After two weeks I have 129 followers.
                      Honestly, by now I thought I would have more.

                      I will be posting other useful stuff. Best non-tourist places to go in Orlando. This city gets packed with tourists. So I think people would watch this.

                      Also shared places to go in the Dominican Republic and Fllorida.

                      Working on a video on how to grow your blog. Stuff like that.

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                    4. Hey if Titi and I sat for a chat one day I bet we could come up with A LOT of ideas involving you 😘
                      Look…like I said and I TRULY believe it. You’ve opened yourself up to SO MUCH good with this, because you are offering your space that you lovingly cultivated to others to share their voice. You’re doing for others while doing what you love. That is almost the secret combination of the universe, you know honey. For that reason I feel like this will work and grow and it may be slower than you expected but you’ve been a little spoilt I would say with how super fast your blog grew (and grows) that this seems slow but it isn’t, it’s exactly the way it should be and it will grow strong roots and just reach its fullest most beautiful potential. Be patient. And be open to receiving what comes and be grateful for the 129 followers (I know you are❤️) and more will come from that place of gratitude.
                      All the things you want to do , your ideas are all great and will reach so many people for ALL SORTS of reasons and that is…I mean that’s amazing.
                      This time next year, we will come back to this conversation and laugh and smile and go, “See! Beautiful, wonderful, alluring and loyal and sweet and adorable Fiery was right!”

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                    5. Well, this isn’t the right way to get people to your blog. To be honest with you
                      many people will be turned off by this gimmick.

                      Just go to poet’s blog and read their work. And leave good thoughtful comment.
                      People will follow back.

                      Good luck


  1. Sadly I only remember about a dozen words from my two years of Spanish classes. I do however think this is a great idea for a way to grow your blog/YouTube channel. And who knows I may pick up a word or two in the process myself. Muy bien Drew! (did I spell that right I hope!?)

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