love hung in her closet



love hung in her closet


Love hung in her closet
like a lonely dress
no longer in style
If I told her
that dress was made for her
would she wear it
one more time
She looks beautiful in love
She wears it well
One day I may tell her
Perhaps, I never will
If I don’t
it will always hurt
to know
Love hung in her closet
it was never worn
for me


429 thoughts on “love hung in her closet

  1. It’s been a while since I read one of your poems – probably me just not having enough time. But what a great one to see! So eloquently and cleverly written. There’s probably a lot of love out there just hanging like dresses – people afraid or putting love to the back of life’s commitments.


    1. Smiling. I was away for almost seven weeks. Went to Cancun then came back to travel within ther United States. The little hiatus helps recharge the batteries.
      Happy you liked the metaphor. Sadly, there is a lot of love out there hanging in closets.

      Thank you for your kimnd words. I will be visiting you tomorrow. Thank you

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this, beautifully expressed, very moving!


    PS The like button will not work, yet I see other likes, can’t figure out why it doesn’t work for me. 😦


    1. Very kind of you to say that my dear Fiery. You are a wonderful writer, one of my favorites here in WordPress.
      You breathe life into everything you write; poetry and prose.
      And beyond all of that, you are a sweetheart.
      Thanks for the mention. Appreciate the kind gesture.
      Please, stay inspired. xoxoxo


  3. I love this so much! “Love hung in her closet it was never worn for me”. That is such a powerful final line. What a lovely and moving piece. I hope that she may give love another chance and wear it again someday.


    1. Grateful and humbled by your beautiful words. I am delighted you took the time out to stop on my page and read my little
      poem. Verey touched by this kind gesture. Thank you for your words and support. xo


  4. Drew… It is so inspired, beautiful, creative, romantic, lovely, poem, when the it´s real, you want to wear every day or your life.
    Excellent!!!! Bravo!!!
    I really enjoy.
    Beautiful night!


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