rain on my windshield

This poem debuted a month ago on Youtube.

rain on my windshield

a road slick with memories
billboards pass silently
reminding me of the unspoken words
that have me seeing red
‘til they became traffic signals
in the intersection of a romance
on the corner of what could have been
and what was never meant to be
oh my
insistent wipers keep saying no
as the rain on my windshield
evaporate, like drops of your love

I will always treasure your beautiful support. Thank you.


115 thoughts on “rain on my windshield

    1. A most gorgerous and thoughtful comment. Flattered you enjoyed my little poem, but touched youtr shared your profound thoughts. You nailed my intent.

      Thank you for taking the time out to read ans leasve your imprint. I am delighted and grateful.

      Have an inspiring week of sunshine, smiles, and inspiration.

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    1. Grateful and flattered you think this little poem is worthy of sharing. Very touched by your kind gesture. You support is appreciated.
      Thank you for everything. You generoist made my day.

      Have an inspiring week.


  1. Beautiful, my Lonely Author ❤️🔥
    Sending you all the love and cuddles this early morning.
    A month…that is crazy! …and wonderful. You do that combo so well💋
    Sweet dreams for now
    Your Fiery

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    1. Hola Fiery,

      Your words and emojis always bring a smile to my face. Yeah, it has been a month already. Time flies when you’re stressed like hell.

      Thank you for leaving your beautiful imprint on my little poem. I will always treasure it.

      The Lonely Author

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  2. It’s funny how no matter how many love poems I read, yours are always a class apart, flawlessly, effortlessly capturing the essence of love and presenting it in a magical whole.
    Must reiterate how much I live the personification of the wipers.

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    1. You are too kind and generous dear Isha. I am so happy you said that, because I always worry about readers get bored reading the same thing from me all of the time.

      I got this inspiration last month while driving in the rain The wipers just kept going back and forth like a parent wagging his finger no.
      And I went on from there,

      On a different note, I wrote two poems this weekend, and fragments of a few more. I really feel myself breaking the ice. Thank you for your wonderful support. The incense and reading old poetry worked. (Of course with romantic music in the background).

      Thank you for your beautiful worfds and support,. It means so much to me. You always make me feel blessed.

      Humbled. 🌹


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      1. Oh, that’s your niche! No one can get bored. If anyone else attempted to find it somewhere else, it would lack that lonely author quality!

        Your moment of inspiration for the wipers image just goes to show what a poet you are!

        Gosh! I’m so glad, Drew. There’s no feeling like getting though a writer’s block and feeling the words invigorate the spirit and take form. I live for that feeling!

        Blessed to be a blessing,
        Siempre 🌹

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  3. A road trip that elevates sadness to a loveliness. I especially liked the names of the corner on the intersection. When your mind wonders about those experiences you could’ve had.

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  4. Wow Drew! I so loved this line from you post:
    ‘til they became traffic signals
    in the intersection of a romance
    on the corner of what could have been
    and what was never meant to be”

    These are such brilliant lines! Awesome!

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  5. Oh MY Goodness! Listening to your voice speak your poem is just down right lovely, congratulations on your YouTube channel………I will be subscribing. Your words brought back memories of a past love………congratulations, that is something that I have not experienced before from a poem!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. You are too kind. Youtube was just a different way of expressing myself. It is fun for me.
      Thank you for your beaitufl words and support. It is treasured.
      Thanks for subscribng. I need all the support I can get. And yours is always a blessing.

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  6. I hear this in your voice now, when I read it. It’s really nice to know your voice. 🙂
    “A road slick with memories” has to be traveled carefully. Lovely poem, Drew. ❤

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  7. “on the corner of what could have been
    and what was never meant to be”

    These lines represent a lot of feeling…the kind of feeling you get when you hear the perfect song at the perfect moment. Beautiful TLAB.

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