Enjoying Life

Enjoying LIfe

Hope everyone is doing well.

I have never been better. After these two health scares I experienced in the last year (heart/COVID) I have dedicated myself to enjoying life to the fullest.

I guess you can say I have been a vagabond to the second power.

This holiday weekend, I will explore Sarasota. Planning a little bathing in the beaches of Anna Marie Island. And of course, Siesta Key is on the agenda. Three out of the last five years, Siesta Key won awards for being the best beach in the United States.

In two weeks, my daughter comes down to visit. We have booked several stops along Florida’s gulf coast.

Three weeks after that, I return to my hut in the Dominican Republic for a three month vacation. So you see. The Beach Bum HAS changed his ways. Now, I drink less, beach more, and yes, chase skirts. Good habits never die.

Working very hard on my novels and screen plays. And as I said before…..never been happier

Oh, yes. still single. Doubtful I will change that. Have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

Love, blessing, and kisses to all. (Well, the kisses are for the ladies).

So, if you’re wondering how I am doing………….Don’t Worry Baby