The Man Behind The Blog

No different from any other novelist/screenwriter swimming upstream against the violent currents of life. Fighting the usual obstacles every writer has to confront; rejected queries, distractions, loneliness, balancing editing and the creative process, writer’s block, and the NEED to be heard.

Even as life pulled me away from my keyboard like reverse gravity, I still found a way to complete 2 novels Paradox (science fiction) and The Executioner’s Diary (thriller). Both novels are also written in screenplay format and both novels have detailed outlines for their sequels. A third novel Dark Paradise (thriller) is hand written waiting to be transcribed to computer.

Currently working on my latest novel 

577 thoughts on “The Man Behind The Blog

      1. Congratulations on making time and working towards getting your book published.
        Its the best feeling in the world when the family supports us…
        You are blessed.
        I shall stop by often.
        your fan base here will not let you be too lonely!

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    1. Hi. Honestly, not considering it. I am going the old fashion way, searching for a literary agent or a Hollywood director interested in making my movies.

      Since I started blogging I have met many writers who have self published. Honestly most of them are unhappy, bitter, and frustrated.

      Thanks for the suggestion. Appreciate your concern.

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  1. My dream is to be traditionally published with my adult novels. Meanwhile, I’ve self-published my two novels for younger readers. Self-publishing is okay, but marketing is really hard and requires a lot of time and energy that I’d rather spend writing. I’m on my sixth novel and just won’t give up. My son has nearly completed his first novel. My husband is very supportive of our efforts and believes in us both — thank goodness!

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    1. You have a good husband. It isn’t easy being the spouse of a writer. lol

      I agree with you about the marketing, I would rather spend my time writing.

      Best of luck in all your writing endeavors. Thanks for these comments, it reinforces my resolve.

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  2. I do hope you are far into your journey of being a published author. I too have this similar goal, but have to many walls to tear down, climb over or go around every few chapters. May the goodness of heaven shower your work with favor.

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      1. Thankyou so much. I have read some of your Blog. So glad to have found your work. Please excyse any mustakes as I am blind. Sometimes my typos are hilarious!

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  3. Thank you for following my blog/website, muchly appreciated, I hope you enjoy reading my humble writings, and I’m from Geelong, Australia. Cheers. Ivor. And I look forward to following your fascinating site.

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  4. You are quite the inspiration and you’re doing amazingly well. You should be very proud. I think I’m in the pile of people who have always wanted to write a book, I feel the ‘itch’, but will likely never get any further with starting. All the very, very best with your work, for which I have no doubt you could and should become a published author 😉
    Caz x

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