The Man Behind The Blog

No different from any other novelist/screenwriter swimming upstream against the violent currents of life. Fighting the usual obstacles every writer has to confront; rejected queries, distractions, loneliness, balancing editing and the creative process, writer’s block, and the NEED to be heard.

Even as life pulled me away from my keyboard like reverse gravity, I still found a way to complete 2 novels Paradox (science fiction) and The Executioner’s Diary (thriller). Both novels are also written in screenplay format and both novels have detailed outlines for their sequels. A third novel Dark Paradise (thriller) is hand written waiting to be transcribed to computer.

Currently working on my latest novel 

696 thoughts on “The Man Behind The Blog

  1. As you’ve closed comments on ‘the experiment’ I’ll just comment here – have you read the short story ‘Funes the Memorious’ by Jorge Luis Borges? It’s a great story on that theme.


  2. Hi Andrew! I just checked your blog on WordPress. It’s amazing. Would you like to collab with me some time? I have a blog named inkandthoughts. We could do a blogger interview or something if you are interested. I would be waiting for your reply.


    1. Thank you for the offer. I am flattered.
      I will be going on a long extended vacation soon (3 months).
      I think I would be available sometime in December or early January.
      Hit me up if your still interested.
      Thanks for thinking of me.


    1. It was a true story. Happened Monday night.
      I have been keeping my comments closed on my Thursday posts so I can catch up on my backlog of messages.

      Thank you for your message Derrick. Maybe love is out there for me. Sadly, I never saw the mystery woman.,

      Liked by 1 person

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