The Man Behind The Blog

No different from any other novelist/screenwriter swimming upstream against the violent currents of life. Fighting the usual obstacles every writer has to confront; rejected queries, distractions, loneliness, balancing editing and the creative process, writer’s block, and the NEED to be heard.

Even as life pulled me away from my keyboard like reverse gravity, I still found a way to complete 2 novels Paradox (science fiction) and The Executioner’s Diary (thriller). Both novels are also written in screenplay format and both novels have detailed outlines for their sequels. A third novel Dark Paradise (thriller) is hand written waiting to be transcribed to computer.

Currently working on my latest novel 

727 thoughts on “The Man Behind The Blog

  1. Hi Andrew! I just checked your blog on WordPress. It’s amazing. Would you like to collab with me some time? I have a blog named inkandthoughts. We could do a blogger interview or something if you are interested. I would be waiting for your reply.

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    1. It was a true story. Happened Monday night.
      I have been keeping my comments closed on my Thursday posts so I can catch up on my backlog of messages.

      Thank you for your message Derrick. Maybe love is out there for me. Sadly, I never saw the mystery woman.,

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  2. Hello (sorry I don’t know your name). Nice to meet you here via Andrea Dinardo’s ‘Thriving under Pressure’. Arrived at your recent post and sorry to hear of your recent hospitalisation. Hope you continue to make a full recovery.

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    1. You are very kind. Thnak you for reading my posts and sharing your thoughts.
      I am not published yet. I am working on having my novels and screenplays
      achieving success through traditional methods. And it takes time.

      Thank you so much for your words and support. Greatly appreciated.

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  3. Just want you to know that you are in my thoughts, Drew. I’m sure that taking good care of yourself in the interim will help the procedure to be successful. It’s a combined effort between you and your surgeon. Take care. 🤗


    1. Thank you for this beautiful message. I appreciate your kind words and thoughts.
      It really means a lot.

      Doing the best I can to eat right, do some light exercise, and to get plenty of rest.
      I am following the doctor’s strict orders. Hopefully, I will be ready in April.
      I will leave everything in God’s hands.

      Again, thank you. I am so grateful for your thoughts.

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  4. Incredible blog. Drew. I’m following now, along with thousands of others. Hope you are doing okay. 🙏🏻 I perceive you are dealing with a health problem. Have a peaceful weekend. 📚Christine


    1. Thank you for your beautiful and supportive words Christine. I am doig better now. There were a few days of
      dizzy spells and terrible headaches due to extremely low blood pressue. A little tweak of my meds seemed to
      do the trick. Appreciate your kindness.
      I hope to get the chance to know you better. Thank you for the support and concern.
      Always appreciate kindness in this world.

      Please keep yourself safe.

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