let me see
the waltz of your sigh
the rainless rainbows in your smile
show me your darkest secrets
so I can discover
auroras revolving around your soul
take me to the other side of
poetry and beauty
come remove my veil
blind me with your love

i shall never write of love again

Well folks, it has been brought to my attention, by so many people that I am always writing about love, well, it is time I prove everyone wrong.

I shall never write of love again

I shall never write of love again
my heart must learn new beats
I shall leave the romancing ballads
to Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Keats

I shall never write of love again
who cares of a poet’s lonely plea
or the sentiments he professes
while reciting on bended knee

I shall never write of love again
renounce love ’til my bitter end
I shall never write of….but wait
Alas, this poet did it once again

Lonely Author giggles……..


Hope I made you smile. Have a great week.

Christina Perri – A Thousand Years

Christina Perri – A Thousand Years

Recently, I came to the realization my life can easily be compartmentalized by Playlists. I have a few playlists for writing poetry. Playlists for blogging, treadmill, shopping, and for napping. I even created a driving playlist.

Makes me think an autobiography of my life will be a musical. Egads!

When working on my manuscript about eternal love & reincarnation, I turn to inspiring love songs to help me set the mood. Ladies, I know this song was used for the movie Twilight, but in my heart, every time I hear it, I feel it was written for my latest work in progress (manuscript/screenplay).



locked behind open doors
the sun sets upon my soul
shadows move along stoic walls

I inhale breathless poetry
encouraging a cage to open
releasing silent misery

wrapped in solitude
the silence echoes
when I whisper your name



kiss my melancholy
kiss my regrets
silence them forever
like a never told vignette
kiss my yesterdays
bid them all adieu
the illusions I cherished
the dreams that never came true
kiss my pain
caress my history
come unfold my heart
like a tender origami

yesterday it rained

yesterday it rained

yesterday it rained
tears of fallen angels
over lands of cruelty

last night she slept unloved
her days are brief
my nights an eternity

I scribbled her name
on the windows of my soul
as drops moistened every pane

today I bear a soaked cross
oh, did I mention
yesterday it rained



my love
we envy the beach
as we listen to an aria
of the sea against the shore
an ensemble of French kisses
are the gentle prelude
to the acoustics of our love
behind closed doors
we perform a delicate concerto
the world will never know
a moonlight sonata
we are violin and bow