Goodbye New York

Hello Everyone.

Just wanted to let everyone know I successfully pulled off the move. Slept in my new apartment last night.

This week I will be setting up my wi-fi with the cable company, running errands, and later in the week I will begin blogging reading.

My next post should be Monday, April 29th.

Have a beautiful week full of inspiration and love.


The Happiest Lonely Author

Just A Lonely Update

Just wanted to give everyone an update on my efforts to find a new home. Found a community that I fell in love with in the suburbs of Orlando. This photo is taken from the website. This will be my daily view.

Yes, comments closed. Too busy running around buying things for the home before I return to New York to get the rest of my belongings.

Be back soon.

Have a wonderful week full of sunshine and smiles. Stay inspired.