The Sorcerer’s Wife (100 Word Love Story)


This is a little throw back to my fiction roots.  A short story originally, written in 2016, I now converted it into 100 words.


The Sorcerer’s Wife 


Our writhing bodies glistened with perspiration when he stormed in.

Most betrayed husbands would savagely behead the passionate lovers. Not the evil Sorcerer, he denied me the most exquisite finale of all; death in her loving arms.

He tossed a mystic powder. A purple dust cloud transformed Isabella into a doe.

Next, the Sorcerer converted me into the most loathsome predator; the hyena.

Now, I watch her grazing in the ominous forest; moving with a familiar grace.

For years I coveted beautiful Isabella.

Oh, the bittersweet irony.

As foul spittle drips from my hungry fangs, I crave her even more.









The Time Keeper (100 Words)

antique-clock_543456 (1)

The  Time Keeper

“I wish this night didn’t have to end,” Maggie sighed.

Thomas the silver haired clock maker unlocked the door to his shop.

“Why did you bring me here?”

“Picasso said it takes a long time to become young.” He led her to a grand clock and reached for her withered hand.

Opening the glass case, he spun the clock’s hand backwards.

Her hand slowly transformed; unsightly veins and wrinkles disappeared.

She looked up at the young man before her. “Thomas?”

He held up a mirror.

Maggie gasped at the reflection.

Smiling, Thomas reassured her, “This night never has to end?”

Forever Love


Forever Love

Cold shivers accompanied me in my cruel dark loneliness.

For so long I have loved her from afar.

Angelica returns with white rose in hand, sad eyes seeking solace. She needs love, yet, she never notices me.

Unrequited love is killing me.

If only the breeze could carry my whispers as it whips through her long brown hair.

Baby, I love you forever.

A lifeless existence, to love without feeling loved.

Angelica needs me to return happiness to her life.


As she sighs, I feel the hollow ache in her breast as she rests the rose upon my grave.



After reading many 100 word stories here in WordPress, I decide to take a shot at it myself.