The Story Behind Your Smile

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The Story Behind Your Smile

A sad tale resides inside every
tear that moistens our cheeks

A legend illustrates the scars
we wear like proud badges

A saga explains the triumphs
and tragedies of our lives

The only thing I need is to be
the story behind your smile

Photo of my wife Allie taken by me (August 2015)


The One Constant

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The One  Constant

Tombstones contain
words so easily worn
by weather and time

The tides ebb & flow
may eventually wash
away your words too

But there will always
be that one constant
the things I feel for you

Allie emailed me this photo in 2010.  One of my treasured memories during that difficult period of our long distance romance.

Precious Isabella


With Father’s Day nearing and no baby on the way, Allie expressed her sadness and desire to give me a son (especially since I am the last of the family).  I already have a daughter, but I dream of Allie experiencing motherhood. Honestly, I can’t help but wonder what our love could create.

Me, I have a thing for little girls. These are my words for my Isabella.

Precious Isabella

Precious Isabella
what I would give
to hear your first cry
my heart will fill
with pride and joy
which no one can deny

Lovely Isabella
I wish you were here
With a toothless smile
on the floor we’ll drink
from your tea set as we
pretend for a little while

Little Isabella
Please come to us
You are our missing link
We can go shopping
to buy you pretty dresses
with satin bows of pink

Precious Isabella
how can one miss a baby
perhaps never meant to be
leave that up to your
foolish dad
good old sentimental me


Happy Father’s Day.

Photo taken from Pinterest.

There Are Loves


There Are Loves


There are loves
that will last like
eternal flames
which are never
meant to burn out

There are loves
extinguished by
the slightest wind
cause they were
never meant to last

Then there’s your
love which smolders
inside of my heart
providing me with
warmth and ecstasy

There are loves
that are written
in firm granite.
They will stand
the test of time

There are loves
lacking ebb and
flow similar to
erasable poems
written in sand

Then there’s your
love blooming in
this lovely garden
you created in deep
corners of my soul


Photo of Allie taken by me at Rockefeller Center.


The Day I Met You


The Day I Met You

When I first heard
your sweet voice
I realized that we
were meant to be

When I first felt
your touch I knew
nothing would ever
be the same again

When your sweet
lips caressed mine
I discovered I never
had been kissed before

now, your undying
love always reminds
me I wasn’t born ‘til
the day I met you

Had to return to my roots.

Photo of Allie (2010)  married but living apart, waiting for the Immgration processing of our paper work. She sent me this pic via email to cheer me up.

When My Wife Became My Hero


When My Wife Became My Hero

When Allie arrived in the United States, we decided instead of working she would get her degree.

Life is what happens while you’re making other plans.

Soon after her arrival, I lost my job. The following year, we depleted our savings and faced eviction.

Then I slipped and fell down a flight of stairs.

Sitting in the emergency room, I looked at my frightened bride; new to this intimidating city, with no knowledge of English.

Our survival depended on her.

Thus began our nightmare. Her relatives (cousins & aunts) suggested she leave me, then, they stopped communicating with her. My friends disappeared.

We lost everything we owned.

On three occasions we went to bed thinking we would be homeless the next day. All three times as I researched homeless shelters my bride shocked me by finding a temporary job and a place for us to live.

One Friday night in October 2013, we had zero money and an empty fridge. I wasn’t scheduled to receive my benefit money until Monday.

Honestly, I thought my bride had lost her mind. As our grumbling stomachs roared she prayed.

Minutes later, she said she needed air. Barely one hundred feet out of the building, we found twenty eight dollars.

That same scenario repeated itself twice in 2014.

In 2015 I had two surgeries (right retina and cervical spine). For a few months I lost use of my arms. Allie bathed, shaved, dressed, fed, and cleaned me in the bathroom.

She became my nurse, wife, counselor, priest, only friend, and hero. Life hurled crap at us; people stealing our food and money, betrayals, and lies, yet she never complained.

Now, we have a two bedroom garden apartment. We are making plans to relocate. My recovery has been steady. With daily exercise, I’m regaining my strength.

I’ll never forget that difficult period and how she rescued me.

For three years, Allie had a hundred reasons to leave me.

And only one reason to stay.


Wedding photo of Allie with her nephew Alex taken May 30, 2009.


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You encouraged me to write
when my soul ran out of ink
you reminded me to fly
when life clipped my wings
the world turned its back
and only you remained
you believed in me
when I didn’t trust myself
even as hope abandoned us
faith accompanied your words
you are my masterpiece
the one thing I got right
and I could never forget
without you there is no me


Photo of Allie taken by me taken on April 22, 2016.

Even When I’m Not In Sight


Even When I’m Not In Sight

On your quiet moments gray
I will write you a lovely verse
To place a smile upon your face
When you need a calming ear
Remember I’m always listening
Even when I’m not here

On the nights you’re feeling cold
Wrap yourself in our love embers
Let my warmth bring heated glow
When you’re feeling alone tonight
Remember I’m always with you
Even when I’m not in sight

Photo of Allie taken by me.