dancing are rays of moonlight
on the ocean
dancing are your verses
on my skin
goosebumps slowly transform
into prima ballerinas
dancing an eternal allégro
a pirouette of white plumes
stirring me with passion
tickling the crevices
in my soul


Ballet of Poetry



Ballet of Poetry


With a pirouette of personification
She ignited her carousel of fantasy
As slow enchanting adagio verses
Freed me from my loveless tragédie

Under my spotlight ballon rhymes
Made my heart skip a graceful beat
With her assemblé rhymes floating
She slowly swept me off of my feet

Who could resist such choreography
For her entrée had me from the start
When my prima ballerina performed
A ballet of poetry in my aching heart


Photo from Google Images.

Haunted Ballet


Haunted Ballet

Emma the prima ballerina
Moved with sweet elegance
With her every pirouette in
the gloomy haunted theatre

Emma danced alone for an
audience that wasn’t there
cause she failed to see spirits
sitting in every empty chair

After every ballet she danced
she shivered with cold delight
as the loudest applause echoed
throughout the macabre halls

Emma become depressed as her
image displayed the creepy truth
when she saw her sad reflection
strangers occupied her mirrors

Image taken from Pinterest