All My Love


All My Love

You taught me about love
Now you ask me to forget
So what will I do with the
leftover kisses yearning
to taste your tender lips
Should I save these extra
embraces for a rainy day
Tell me how to erase the
treasured memories you
no longer seem to cherish
Should forever be deleted
from the dictionary since
it suddenly lost its meaning
please before you leave
can you tell me what should
I do with all my love

Photo taken from Google Images.


Tears, Ice, and Johnnie Walker

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Tears, Ice, and Johnnie Walker

Sitting in a remote corner of a bar
watching cubes floating in my glass
she was the treasure that I let go
now my forever ache will never pass

This nothing let go of his everything
she was the greatest thing in my life
if only I could unspeak harsh words
before she becomes another man’s wife

My insomnia caused by where she sleeps
drowning my sorrows in a liquid blur
another night filling my aching voids
with tears, ice, and Johnnie Walker


Photo courtesy of my friend Johnnie Walker