One Woman Man (100 Words)


One Woman Man (100 Words)

Tony sat alone at a restaurant.

A sleek brunette sat at a table near him. Her skirt rode up her silky thighs revealing more than he expected.

His attention appeared to amuse her.

Damn, she caught me watching her. Tony looked away.

Tired of being single, he looked back at her. Beautiful.

Lipstick easing over her pouty lips, she stopped to give him a long lingering stare.

Oh, the chemistry.  He groaned.  She feels it too.  

Tony shifted in his seat to conceal his excitement.

“Is everything okay?”

“Yeah,” he assured his twelve year old daughter. “It couldn’t be better.”



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My Choice

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My Choice

Why would I need the heat of the sun
when I have the warmth of your touch
so let your soft fingers caress my soul

Who cares about caviar or fine cuisine
I have you to nourish my aching hunger
just feed me loving from your breast

I don’t need a mansion or grand castle
If I had my choice the decision is simple
I would prefer to die at your doorstep



Photo is a selfie taken by Dominican model Karina Ovalles. Karina & her parents granted me permission to use this photo and others for my creative cause. Lonely Author feels a little awkward calling her my niece, since many of you know my daughter is my only living blood relative. She is my wife’s niece. But Karina and I agree, she is my second daughter and I am proud to be her second father.

Christmas Tears

Christmas Tears

Little Emily won’t be celebrating Christmas
There won’t be lights flashing on her tree
No reason to hang ornaments or mistletoe
No desire to find presents wanting to be free
Santa won’t be climbing down her chimney
No reason for holiday cards or festive cheer
Mommy is protecting kids from other nations
Tonight Emily will be shedding Christmas tears

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Inspired be my favorite Christmas songs “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

My deepest thanks and heart felt wishes go out to all the men and women who won’t be home for Christmas.

Happy Holidays

Be safe.