I must confess, I never dated a stewardess. I will add it to my To Do list. Right underneath date a girl named Coco. (Never did that either.)

My doctor agreed to let me extend my weekend vacation to six weeks.

Back at the hut, I have a housekeeper and two alternating cooks, dozens of friends who will check in on me. And a beach a walk away. Thus, I have the support group, fresh air, and sun that I need.

My best friend Titi, has started the process of finding a nurse who will make weekly visits. He assured me she would be young, pretty, and single.

While they were here, my daughter Cat and my ex Ally enjoyed using my debit cards (with my permission) as I rested, purchasing clothing online for my future vacations. Thankfully, they know my choice and tastes in designers and stores. The clothes were shipped last week.

Thus, I am traveling with a boarding pass, passport, and my laptop.

This resting and building my strength trip will be all about the three B’s.

1- Baptism

2- Beach

3- Books. Continue working on my current novel of eternal love and reincarnation and prep my sci-fi love story Paradox (written in boths forms novel & screenplay) for marketing to literary agents and Hollywood.

Will also do my best to surround myself with women. Hey! Man does not live by beach alone. I think some wise man said that.

The Beach Boy promises poetry and open comments on Monday.

Three Month Aniversary

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall                                                                        Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

As a few of you already know 2015 has been my convalescing year.

First, recovering from emergency retina surgery (right eye) to start the year. (Still have some blurred vision).

In mid summer cervical spine surgery (C1-C6 for my medical friends). My Spine Fusion, the bolting of my neck with screws and plates reduced my head’s range of motion. This former astronomer wannabe lost the ability to look up. Sigh.

One day, recuperating in my living room, my daughter visited. Snatching my laptop, she worked furiously. She asked where I stored my favorite photos, the chimp at the typewriter and the my treasured beach photo. Moments later she returned the laptop. “Start writing.”

My first post on Sept 21st “Why the Lonely Author Blog” netted me one like and follower.

All the king horses                                                                                                            And all the kings men                                                                                      Couldn’t put Lonely Author back together again

But his loyal followers certainly have. With every inspiring post you made, with every sweet word you wrote you helped my recovery.

With your comments you entertained, inspired, made me laugh and sometimes cry. Each of you picked up a piece of this broken man and with paper clips, rubbed bands, and bubble gum you made me whole again.

And for that I will be forever grateful.

(I know what you’re thinking. A serious post from Lonely Author. Ah-ha. You underestimate me!)

From the bottom of my heart and the heart of my bottom, I thank each and every one of you. I wish you and yours a happy happy, merry merry, and a joyed filled and healthy 2016.