Lonely Author For President: Let’s Make America Pretty Darn Good Again

Sorry for the sloppiness in my post. There was quite a bit of static on my cell phone when my friend suggested the perfect post to start 2016 with a bang; presidential erections.

Start the Pomp and Circumstance

Yes, after much debate, Lonely Author is thinking of tossing his New York Yankees cap into the political arena.

Please don’t ask me what party I am affiliated with. Lonely Author will attend any party that serves wine and finger foods.

Forget the false campaign promises. Forget the chicken in every pot (or as they promise in Colorado some pot in every chicken).

Why make America great again; when we can make it Pretty Darn Good.

Yes, you heard me. Let’s Make America Pretty Darn Good Again.

If nominated I am considering my good friend Bun Karyudo as my Veep. Not sure if he will accept since he is currently unconsideration to be the next James Bond.  (Here is the link to his page to read the stuff that leaves Lonely Author LOLing) https://bunkaryudo.wordpress.com/

Let’s Make America Pretty Darn Good Again

  1. Why build walls, when we can make fences? Yes fences. How else are we going to stop the neighbor’s dog from pooping on our lawns? You see America. I know what you really want.
  2. Stop all false advertising. Say the truth: One size fits none! As George Carlin once said “New and Improved is impossible. If it’s new it can’t be improved. And if it’s improved; it can’t possibly be new.”
  3. A portable lie detector for every female over the age of 16. Yes, that way all the ladies can know when her friend/boyfriend/husband is a lying cheating scoundrel. (Hey, move over Hilary. I know how to pander to the female vote).

Happy 2016.

Have a great week.

Keep smiling.

Keep writing.