The Execution


The Execution

Madison Rutherford stretched in the comfort of his bed.  Today, he would become the prosecutor with the most death row convictions and executions.

Before his eyes could adjust to the darkness, the lights suddenly went on.

Startled by his unfamiliar surroundings, he jumped out of the unfamiliar cot. “Hey, what is going on?”

A sheriff, three officers, and Priest stood outside the jail cell.

“Sheriff Jones, what am I doing here?”

“Herman Rapier,” the heavy set gentleman replied with a southern drawl. “The Governor of this good state of Alabama assigned me the responsibility of overseeing your execution.”

Madison ran to the iron bars. “Don’t you recognize me?”

“Rapier you will pay for the deaths of those innocent girls you murdered.”

Madison stuttered, “You have the wrong guy?”

“They all say that.”

The officers unlocked the cell to grab him.

“Wait, I didn’t do it.”

“They say that too.”

The officers dragged Madison down the long hallway.

“You guys have this all wrong. I am innocent.”

Madison Rutherford entered the execution chamber. The hard wood seat appeared menacing; more terrifying than the monsters under his childhood bed.

A sudden chill on his neck reminded him of the ghosts of executions past.

“You guys are playing with me,” he cried as they strapped him to the electric chair.

An officer pulled a black hood over Madison’s trembling head.

Sheriff Jones said, “Herman Rapier, today you will pay for five counts of rape and murder.”

The lights went out.

An officer wheeled in a table with a cake. Three dozen people shouted, “Happy birthday.”

The lights returned.

The Sheriff ran over to his friend to lift the hood. “Hey Madison, did we scare the life out of you?”

The room went dead silent.