Thank you for all of the beautiful messages of concern. They warm my battered heart. I will be responding to every single one of them.

After weeks of life threatening blood pressure levels, we finally have it down to near normal levels. Now, we begin the process of repairing my heart.

When I first returned to Florida, I purchased a ticket to a New Years Eve Masquerade ball. Tonight, I will sit at the bar DRINKING WATER, watching OTHERS DANCE, as I welcome in the New Year in a room of masked strangers.


chilly winds of melancholy
blew memories through my window
inducing a crescendo of shivers
waltzing on my flesh
haunting players of unrequited love
perform in this lonely masquerade
a sadistic, nightmare revue
as my mirror reflects
a face cloaked in smiles and laughs
failing to mask the pain
of another year without you

Happy and healthy 2020.


Forever Chasing Dreams


Forever Chasing Dreams

There lived a boy who
loved chasing dreams.
But he quickly learned
they can be as elusive
as feathers in the wind.
Always within his grasp
yet forever out of reach.

Before long he learned
the winds never cease.
So he kept on reaching.
The boy refused to stop.
Ignoring every naysayer
he lived a life determined
forever chasing dreams.


Photo taken from Pinterest.