kiss my melancholy
kiss my regrets
silence them forever
like a never told vignette
kiss my yesterdays
bid them all adieu
the illusions I cherished
the dreams that never came true
kiss my pain
caress my history
come unfold my heart
like a tender origami

A Taste of You


A Taste Of You

Long are the days
lonely are my nights
since I tasted your body
my urges won’t subside
it is your kiss I relish with
a sweet aftertaste I adore
your flavor never fades
you leave me craving more

Moments go by so quick
yet memories forever stay
I’ll always long for your taste
only you can quench this urge
it doesn’t matter where I go
doesn’t matter what I do
life will never be the same
since I had a taste of you

Photo borrowed from Google Images.