Love and Abuse


Sorry, no poetry today, but love remains the topic.

Several months ago, I wrote a poem entitled, “For So Long.” (Here is the link for anyone who missed it.)

It was about a good friend who always finds herself trapped in abusive relationships. When I wrote it, my best friend had an incident with her lover.

Weeks later, in December, she came to live with me after another episode. Against my advice, she eventually went running back to “love.”

Late last night she called needing a place to stay. She and her three dogs will be moving into an extra bedroom in my apartment later this month.

Again, I will tell her seasons change, people rarely do.

She probably won’t listen.

Every major relationship in my life, my closest female friends, Ex’s, and even my current wife, I was left picking up the pieces after violent relationships.

As a child, many nights I lay in bed listening to my father whipping my mother.

And I was too scared to do anything…..

Can someone please tell me why I am magnet for abused women? Why does domestic violence appear to always follow me?

And somone please tell me why in this day and age there is a month (October) and day designated to stopping violence against women?


This Chimp asks you: when are we going to evolve?

Love and abuse.

Those two words should never appear in the same sentence, let alone the same home.