echo of love

Dedicated to everyone who will be missing a loved one this holiday season.

echo of love

Time has no memory
yet he remembers
when one minute ends
another must begin

That perpetual hand delivers
fooling comfort
for everyone is confident
he will take another spin

He dims our memories
we forget his persistent ways
moving us toward
the inevitable we don’t speak of

Every clock has a final turn
So learn to listen with your heart
For within every beat remains
a beloved’s echo of love


they belong to you and no one else

they belong to you and no one else


Jammed my jellied kisses into mason jars
Stacked them all neatly upon a shelf
Stored away all of our antique memories
they belong to you and no one else

Folded all of my unused embroidered hugs
Finding chores for my lonesome self
Bubble wrapped eternal promises unkept
they belong to you and no one else

Fine pressed caresses are hanging off a rack
Staying busy since you left me by myself
Polished all of the shiny vows meant for only us
they belong to you and no one else


Apologies for this bad poetry, Lonely Author can’t find his mojo.

The Old Man

Man and pidgeons

The Old Man

The old man journeyed to the park

Where all of his friends convened

He conversed with every pigeon

Because no one else would listen.

The old man always traveled light

Nothing more than lint in his pockets

and a mind no longer carrying the burden

of melancholy memories long forgotten.

Letters Of Love


Letters Of Love

I retrieved the letters of love you sent

With words of eternity in smeared ink

Deceit accompanied every loving phrase

Promises fading with these yellow sheets

I breathed and lived every word of hope

and every vow you never meant to keep

I will tear up all of your letters of love

The way you shred our trust and vows

Rip up every photograph we have taken

set fire to these once cherished treasures

quietly watch the wind blow the embers away

along with the eternal love you promised me

Image borrowed from Google.

The Experiment (100 Words)


The Experiment (100 Words)

Jackson walked through the lonely streets.

Wanting to learn more about his past, he volunteered for the dangerous experiment.

Scientists advised him of everything that could go wrong. They never suspected everything would go right.

Total recall, perfect memory; some said it couldn’t be accomplished.

Yet, long lost memories rushed through him like light through a prism.

Lost loves, toddler falls, even prenatal sensations.

He lived trapped in an eternal state of nostalgia.

They told him he would recall every memory.

No one warned him he would relive every pain.

Jackson finally understood some things are meant to be forgotten.


Photo taken from Google Images

If Alzheimer’s Erases Your Name


If Alzheimer’s Erases Your Name

Memories with no recollection
like a warm beach without sand
how could I gaze into your eyes
and not feel what I breath today

If nostalgia becomes a stranger
who will reminisce over photos I
will miss? Will you remind me of
remembrances that I won’t find

After all that we conquered, our
love deserves a better fate.  Will
you remember for the two of us
if Alzheimer’s erases your name

Please note: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME.  Well, nothing that a chocolate layer cake, a glass of wine, & a warm kiss won’t cure (not in that order).  I  recently had a brief conversation with a blogging friend who mentioned her mother suffers from Alzheimer’s disease.  I have little fear of death, but I do worry about Alzheimer’s.  I can’t imagine not remembering my daughter or Allie.

For more information on Alzheimer’s please visit this link from my friend Doctor Jonathan Neal Colton at All About Healthy Choices.

Are There Better Treatments For Alzheimer’s Patients

Photo is a selfie of Allie taken 2010.

Treasured Memories That Never Were


Last week I read a lovely little poem (entitled Questions Without Answers) on a blog page of lovely poetry called A Reading Writer.  I have attached the link for anyone interested in reading the inspirational piece. Thank you Rosema for the inspiration.…/questions-without-answers


Treasured Memories That Never Were

It was a warm summer night when
we slow danced on a quiet tropical
beach. Your soft cheek caressed my
five o’clock shadow. The full moon
glowed in your intoxicating eyes as
you said the words I longed to hear.

Then there was that night we drank
sweet merlot and read love poems
by candle light. We made love until
dawn. And I brushed your silky hair
as you slept in my arms. That night
you promised me to love me forever

Perhaps, one day I will finally build
the courage to approach you. Then
I could tell you how I feel. But until
that day I will sit here, alone in my
dark lonely corner, clinging to these
treasured memories that never were


Please note: Lonely Author will be in and out of the blog today. Having a big barbecue with tons of guests, food, and wine. My best friend who I have often written about is moving to Tampa, Florida on Monday.  Allie and I planned a farewell bash for her. The Chimp assures you he will be on his best behavior. (You really don’t believe that, do you?  Well, honestly, niether do I).

Have a wonderful weekend full of sunshine and smiles.

Let’s Pretend

My friends there’s so much happening for me this week (good and bad), I won’t be present in Blogworld very much.  This may or may not be my only post of the week.  I will answer comments sporadically. And my reading of your posts will be limited.  I expect ro return with a vegeance on Tuesday, May 3rd.  Be well.


Let’s Pretend

On some nights nostalgia
drenches us with memories
like a warm summer rain
as we wear moments that
became lifelong accessories

Hey, do you still remember
when we played pretend
the hours seemed to pass
in micro seconds on days
we swore would never end

now recollections of our past
resemble old faded Polaroids
swinging swings we swung
overdosing on cotton candy
mischief we couldn’t avoid

wouldn’t it be wonderful
to live young and care free
relive magical afternoons
of our youth like the days
you pretended to love me

Photo taken from Google Images