How Do You Get In The Mood (To Write)?

How do you get in the mood?

No perverts and pervettes; I meant in the mood to write. (Please note: Any ladies wishing to discuss mood setting in non writing topics, please write via my Contact Me). Enough already.

Odd puppy that he is, Lonely Author has changed in his ability to write. Used to be I needed total silence. Now, I can write in the epicenter of a storm. (Still need to edit in total silence). For certain chapters (or scenes for my screenplays) I seek mood setting places.

For romantic scenes, I dim the lights and listen to soft jazz (Kenny G.) or love songs (Waiting For A Girl Like You, Lady In Red, My Heart Will Go On, and many others). When I want to write about an alluring woman, I begin with Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight.”

For dark moments I seek solitude. I once wrote a dark chapter locked in a closet. I exited sweaty, tearing, and exhausted. But the chapter had the mood I wanted to convey.

Dark Paradise, my novel waiting to be transferred from hand written notebooks to computer, written by candle light. While on a month vacation in the Dominican Republic (an island that suffers from power outages), I received the inspiration for a novel based on a serial killer who strikes when the lights go out and an American cop hired to stop him. The cop obviously, has one phobia – he is too proud to admit he is afraid of the dark.

I penned half of the book by candle light, setting the mood within myself.

How do you get in the mood to write?