Blooming In The Dark (Dedicated to all Mothers)


Blooming In The Dark


Unappreciated sacrifices
replaced dreams that slowly died
as her aging petals wilted
from the silent tears she cried

Forgotten and all alone
she’s a hummingbird with no sound
like a heart beating without love
as lonely petals sink to the ground

Depressed in her little corner
she’s neglected and unmarked
an unappreciated flower
forever blooming in the dark


My parents were only children, so when they passed, I became a family of one (with no siblings, cousins, aunts, or uncles).  One day while moving to a new apartment, I lost one box.  The box contained all my family photos.  I cried for days. Weeks later, while placing books on shelves I purchased, this photo slid out of my all-time favorite children’s book; “Nobody Listens To Andrew.”  It is the only photo I have of my mother.

Miss you Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day Ladies.  Wish you all the best on your day.

Mom Doesn’t Wear A Cape


Mom Doesn’t Wear A Cape


Mom is too busy to iron her cape
living recycled days of work, chores, repeat
While the family basks in victories
she can never accept defeat.

Mom plows on in sickness and in health
because there’s no changing of the guard
She’s forced to hold it all together
even if life is a falling house of cards.

She finally has a moment of peace
while everyone is in bed asleep
Preparing for the storms of tomorrow
in a dark lonely corner, she weeps.


“Mothers are the world’s greatest resource.” – The Lonely Author

Miss you Mom


Photo of Gal Gadot of Wonder Woman fame taken from Google Images.