My Crescent Moon


My Crescent Moon


She believes she came from the dark side
Never realizing she descended from the stars
More stunning than the rings of Saturn
She radiates a love as red as Mars

I admire her imperfect little craters
Loving every phase unless she’s blue
She will forever be my crescent moon
Longing to be new


My beautiful Poetry Whisperer was feeling a little down during our conversation on Friday.  Hopefully, this Saturday morning surprise will lift her spirits.

(Yes, baby, I left the five o’clock shadow for you).

The Lonely Author Blues


The Lonely Author Blues


Listen to my song
Although I have never been one to croon
Hear my sweet lyrics
Perhaps my whispers will make you swoon

I will sing of love
Unsatisfied desires as chronic as any pain
I will hum our hurt
Until you’re drenched in little hearts of rain

Soak in my rhythm
Our harmony of love will give us such a thrill
Live in my tempo
And together we will make time stand still

You have me dreaming
Of love making on a beach for me and you
You have me screaming
Can’t deny, I have the lonely author blues.



Photo from Google Images

She Is That Song


She Is That Song

She is that song
you just can’t get
out of your head
the melody you
hum when you
forget the words
she is the tempo
that will move to
your heart’s beat
with gentle lyrics
to sooth your soul
and move your feet
she’s a symphony
the delicate hymn
my heart listens to
She is that song


Photo taken from Google Images

Another Painful Love Song

IMG-20160125-WA0000 - Copy

And now back to the loving…

For many of us music is our sanctuary. And although we listen with our ears, we feel it in our heart and soul.

Another Painful Love Song

She played another painful love song
it flowed directly to her soul
every chorus was meant for her
every lyric always failing to console

Tears accompanied the rhythms
she sang them from the start
she sought solace in every key that
matched the cadence of her lonely heart

Every verse offered her solace
the harmony she could never find
why did she torture herself
music filled the voids old lovers left behind

Photo taken by Lonely Author.