Broken Dreams


Broken Dreams

Emily packed her broken
dreams into a suitcase she
hid In the back of the closet
as if they were treasured
memorabilia from a show

She knew they would be
safe there from intruders
and any pest who would
want to rekindle memories
of her lost life of the past

Her unfulfilled dreams will
be stored forever and a day
so she’d never be nostalgic
so she could forget them and
perhaps never dream again


I dedicate this to all the mothers out there who packed their dreams away.


Photo taken from Google Images



Tonight I’m Loving You



Tonight I’m Loving You

Why should I care who came first
When I dream of being your last
Faceless spirits of dead romance
Those ghosts could never haunt me
There is no promise for tomorrow
So forget the demons of yesterday
 I will make your darkness light
Because tonight I’m loving you 

Photo of Allie on Halloween2014 taken by me.