The day was dressed in ominous gray.

That never stopped hopeful Helen cause

She realized the sun shined anyway.

Negative thoughts never clouded her mind.

Since her bed rested against the left wall

she always woke on the right side of the bed.

She once broke her heel leaving a romantic bar.

Falling on her back, she relished her luck

It was the perfect night to admire the stars.

Photo borrowed from Google.

Be gentle people. Trying to knock off a year and a half of rust.

Wifey and Chimp are well. Eye recovery didn’t go as planned, but life is what happens while you’re making other plans.

It feels good to be back. Be well.


Remembering To Forget You


Remembering To Forget You

Last month my nostalgic
heart made me recall the
happiness I thought would
never end.

Last week I trembled at the
bittersweet recollection of
your fingertips stroking my
bare chest.

Last night I sighed when the
unused pillow in my lonely
bed reminded me of your
intoxicating scent.

Last chance to recover from
this painful loss. Tomorrow
I’ll try my best to remember
to forget you

Yesterday, while reviewing my earlier posts, I found inspiration in one of the few poems that I truly love. Never Meant For You

Disclaimer: This is pure fiction.  Thankfully, Allie is still by my side.

Photo taken from Pinterest.

If I Am Your Rock


If I Am Your Rock

If I am your rock
You are the ground
That kept me on my feet

If I am your universe
You are the bright sun
The fills my life with light

If I am your man
You are the woman
Who made me who I am

If I am your strength
You are my sanctuary  
When I lay my head upon your breast

Photo of Allie taken by me on our anniversary May 30, 2016.

The Night When Romance Died


The Night When Romance Died

Don’t blame it on the flowers
For they never ceased to bloom
The stars still fill the late night
heavens as they often should

Poets write of love even though
it appears to be going out of style
Women no longer swept off their
feet cause chivalry signed a DNR

I long for the sweet days of yore
before passion slowly passed away
Do you remember where you were
on the night when romance died?

Red Balloon


Red Balloon

Lucy treasured a red balloon
so she filled it up with love
and everywhere Lucy went
balloon followed up above

All of Her friends advised her
inflated loves could fall apart
they can burst with no regret
and break her tortured heart

Lucy learned a terrible reality
After she loved him everyday
some balloons will deflate you
other balloons just blow away

Photo taken from Pinterest

The Sorcerer’s Wife


The Sorcerer’s Wife

Our writhing bodies glistened with perspiration when her husband stormed in on us. Most betrayed husbands would savagely behead the passionate lovers with a sword.

Not the evil Sorcerer. No, he denied me the most exquisite finale of all; death in her wanting arms.

Sorcerer tossed a sparkling mystic powder. A dust cloud of his evil potion instantly transformed his wife into a doe. Frightened, Isabella sprang from the bed and leapt out an open window.

A wave of his magic wand and he transformed me as well.

Now, the Sorcerer’s wife grazes in the serene forest. Isabella moves with a familiar elegance, sleek and forever graceful. More enticing than before.

Here I lurk, forever watching; still desiring her.

Sorcerer converted me into a cold calculating predator; the most loathsome of creatures. The hyena. Now, I am a merciless scavenger longing to devour my prey.

There she is, here I am.

Beauty and the heartless beast.

For years I coveted the Sorcerer’s wife. I longed to be one with her, to possess her, to make her mine.

Oh, the bittersweet irony.

As foul spittle drips from my restless fangs, I crave her even more.



Photo from Pinterest.

Messenger of Love


Messenger of Love

Lonely nights
that never seem to end
I spend my time
thinking of her
writing words of
love with my lonely pen

my little white dove
please deliver my poetry
tiny messenger of love

Please tell her
That she’s the one I adore
Tell her I miss her
That I need her
Her words always
leave me craving more

little dove please sing
as you carry my prose
on feathered wings

Please tell her
Without her I can’t smile
She is my angel
of happiness
Tell her to love me
if only for a little while

my little white dove
please relay my message
tiny messenger of love


Photo taken from Pinterest.




After a night making love to you
found myself in a room of white
sheer satin sheets of cloudy hues
I was basking in a warmth of light
I think I am in Heaven

She wore a chalky negligee so pale
transparent it showed a body divine
wish to create love until eternity
to make this angel forever mine
I swear I am in Heaven

I turn to view my sleeping lover
found her face and radiating glow
I spent the night loving an angel
Her large silky wings let me know
She took me to Heaven

Photo borrowed from Google Images

A Breeze

A Breeze

Today a breeze grazed my face
With tenderness it touched me
It felt sweet against my cheek
I was certain you heard my plea

Out of habit I searched for hands
But they never once appeared
As I searched every lonely corner
the wind suddenly disappeared

The breeze carried her memory
Recollections of hand in glove
For a moment I felt your caress
For one moment I felt your love

Photo borrowed from Google Images