Tonight The Lonely Author on Youtube: Guest Poet Ivor Steven

Tonight The Lonely Author on Youtube: Guest Poet Ivor Steven

Tonight, Drew recites a new poem “her scent lingers on.”

Guest poet Ivor Steven recites two poems as he discusses his soon to be released book of poetry “Tullawalla, A Meeting Place.”

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Another Valentine’s Day Alone

The Lonely Author: Another Valentine’s Day Alone

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On tonight’s episode:

Drew discussed what he did on his lonely Valentine’s Day.

Makes a restaurant suggestion.

Tells a romantic bedtime story with a hopeful finale.

I Am Fearless


I Am Fearless

I am fearless
the evil monsters
beneath my bed
were slain long ago
thugs in dark alleys
can’t terrorize me
conquered them before
it doesn’t matter
when death decides
to call my name
I am fearless
every time you hold me
I tremble

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Without You


Without You

There are many things
that I could do without
a world with no sunsets
flowers and their bloom
I don’t need the dawn
to start each new day
nor the stars and moon
to illuminate the night
now If I could learn how
to breathe without air
then perhaps I could teach
myself to live without you

Photo of Allie taken by me.