Serial (100 Words)


Serial  (100 Words)

Detective Jake Monroe examined the bloody crime scene. All the expected signs were there; the slashed throat, the look of terror in her eyes, and missing shoes.

The Riverside Killer struck again.

“Number five is a blonde?”

He turned to look at his partner Max who entered the hotel room.

“Do we know her name?”

“Let me see,” Jake scooped up her purse to search for her ID.

“You must be relieved.”

Jake sighed. “Was that necessary?”

Max shrugged. “Hey, at least this time there’s no evidence tying her to you.”

Opening her purse, Jake found a photo of himself.


The Typewriter


The Typewriter

“Police are searching for escaped convict Leticia Decker, otherwise known as the Lafayetteville’s Lizzy Borden.”

Lonely Mike Dawson shut off the old dusty radio. After twenty two best selling horror novels, he preferred to rummage through his cluttered attic than stare at a blank page.

Lifting a sheet off a table he discovered an old typewriter. “Look at this.”

With one finger he typed D-A-R-K.

His flashlight suddenly died out.

“What the…” Dawson smacked the flashlight several times. It refused to work.

Dawson grabbed the typewriter, stumbled out of the attic, returning to his writing den. Filled with excitement, he accidentally bumped into the door causing it to shut.

Placing the typewriter on his desk, he shoved the laptop aside. He slid a sheet of paper in the type writer feed and spun the platen knob and typed.

Moonlight crept through the open window.

The desk slowly became brighter.

Dawson turned to face the open window. He watched the parting clouds reveal the full moon.

He realized he had discovered infinite power. Cracking his knuckles, Dawson typed with passion.

The young siren knocked on the door.

He heard heavy knocking.

The voluptuous woman let herself into the house. She slowly climbed the stairs, her footsteps announced her arrival.

Heavy shoes walked up the squeaky wood stairs, growing louder with every step.

Like an inspired conductor before the orchestra, Dawson typed with vigor and style. Tonight he would create a masterpiece.

She was young, beautiful, and full of desire.

Dawson laughed out loud. Tonight, his life would change forever.

No doubt she would be the death of him.

A bloody axe crashed through the door.

The Date


The Date

Ray poured rum into two ice filled glasses.

Glancing at the mirror on the wall, he admired the sleek woman kicking off her shoes. She wasted no time heading directly for the bedroom.

This will be my greatest conquest.

He sighed. He never bedded anyone as beautiful as her.

“Ray, what’s taking so long?”

He trembled with anticipation. She is way out of my league. Not the kind of girl I normally pick up.

He hurried into the bedroom as her skirt crumpled to the carpeted floor.

He handed her the drink.

They clicked glasses.

“To new romance.”

Ray gazed into her aqua eyes hoping she melted when she looked into his.

She held up her glass, “To the termination of a beautiful evening.”

Admiring her choice of words, he nodded. Wow, she is a dream come true.

Taking the glass from her hand he pushed her down on the bed. They kissed. Her mouth tasted sweet.

She is everything I ever wanted. I think I could actually fall in love with her. Shame I have to kill her.

First I will make love to her, afterwards I would strangle her. Poor thing never heard of the Online Dating Serial Killer?

He kissed her again.

Her hand caressed the back of his head. She exploded with rage. A violent thrust preceded a burning in his stomach.

Ray staggered to his feet. Looking into the dresser mirror across the room, he discovered the red stain growing around the knife embedded in his abdomen.

“What’s wrong Ray. You never heard of the Black Widow Serial Killer?”


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Dark Paradise

A tropical paradise plagued by power outages.

A serial killer strikes when the lights go out.

An American cop too proud to admit he is afraid of the dark.


Raised in an orphanage, Mike Archer often found himself locked in a dark closet. Thirty years later he chased a drug lord into a dark alley and barely survived a bloody ambush. One year and four gunshot wounds later, he is hired by a friend to stop “El Diablo,” (the Devil) a serial killer responsible for the deaths of nine teens. Can Archer venture into the darkness?

To stop the devil, Michael Archer must overcome the demons within himself.