just a thought – 4

just a thought – 4

why kiss your lips

when I can kiss your soul


Huddled Inside My Soul


Huddled Inside My Soul


Come to me

On your darkest day.

as shadows consume your light,

as tears douse the overwhelming fires

choking you in their solitary smoke.

Come to me

when your heart falls into the abyss

drowning in dark seas of solitude,

in a world eclipsed by loneliness.

Come to me

I can make you whole,

basking in my light,

once you are

huddled inside my soul.


Photo from Google Images

Messenger of Love


Messenger of Love

Lonely nights
that never seem to end
I spend my time
thinking of her
writing words of
love with my lonely pen

my little white dove
please deliver my poetry
tiny messenger of love

Please tell her
That she’s the one I adore
Tell her I miss her
That I need her
Her words always
leave me craving more

little dove please sing
as you carry my prose
on feathered wings

Please tell her
Without her I can’t smile
She is my angel
of happiness
Tell her to love me
if only for a little while

my little white dove
please relay my message
tiny messenger of love


Photo taken from Pinterest.




For quite some time I have followed a gift writer, Sarah Doughty at her wonderful blog called Heartstring Eulogies. She has written many tiny pieces bursting with meaning. Whenever you have a chance drop by and read her work.


Sarah encouraged me to try to write a few myself. Here is my first, thanks to Sarah.


Her fingers
touched his skin
Her words
caressed his soul

Photo of Allie taken by me Valentine’s Day 2016.