Another Fallen Tear

The inspiration for this little thing came from a recent Video Chat.


Another Fallen Tear


When we cry together
It feels as if
We have loved forever
If only you
Could feel my fingers
Your moist cheek
Then perhaps
My pain won’t hurt so bad
Another fallen tear
My trembling screen


For Nandita


Tears That Never Seem To Fall


Tears That Never Seem To Fall

Amanda is no different
than you or me.
She wears a mask
that always keeps a smile.
It prevents the tears
that never seem to fall.
On rainy days
she sits by the window.
Gazing at her reflection
in the window pane.
It appears as if
the drops of rain are
streaming down her face.

Photo taken from Pinterest.

Tears, Ice, and Johnnie Walker

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Tears, Ice, and Johnnie Walker

Sitting in a remote corner of a bar
watching cubes floating in my glass
she was the treasure that I let go
now my forever ache will never pass

This nothing let go of his everything
she was the greatest thing in my life
if only I could unspeak harsh words
before she becomes another man’s wife

My insomnia caused by where she sleeps
drowning my sorrows in a liquid blur
another night filling my aching voids
with tears, ice, and Johnnie Walker


Photo courtesy of my friend Johnnie Walker