The Secret


The Secret

I once went to an interview for a great job that I knew was perfect for me. After 15 years managing call centers, I knew there wouldn’t be many candidates (if any) with more experience or know-how than me.

I went to the interview letting negative thoughts creep into my head.

When the interviewer asked the very first question, the easiest question in the world if you ever worked in call centers, I drew a complete blank. The rest of the interview went poorly, because I never recovered from the first question.

When you carry negative thoughts in your head, you attract negative results.

I have never used my blog for book reviews.

However, I want to let everyone in on a little secret.

The power of positive thinking works. Their is a law of attraction. Being generous with love, gratitude, respect, kindness, and forgiveness brings these things back to you tenfold.

Back in  2011, I hated my job and apartment.  That was all I thought and talked about. Well, I lost the job, depleted my savings, and lost the apartment. I lost EVERYTHING I owned. During that time, I had the accident which changed my life.

I attracted bad things by concentrating on everything I didn’t want.

Allie and I struggled to avoid falling homeless.

For my birthday (2013), my daughter gave me the book “The Secret.”  It changed my life forever. I read it every six months or so to make sure I readjust my thinking.

Since first reading the book, I keep my thoughts positive.  I now live in the best apartment of my life.  A two bedroom garden apartment.  Cheaper than any apartment I have had in the last 15 years. For the past two years, Allie is a nanny (working with a loving baby for a great family). And she works from home.

I surround myself with positive people and stay away from the negative ones.

The reason I mention this book, is I am currently sending out poems and short stories to magazines and writing contests.  Soon, I will be sending out my novels to literary agents and my screenplays to Hollywood.

I am reading “The Secret” to ensure positive thoughts are flowing in my head while I embark on this publishing journey.

Your thoughts determine your luck.

Think positive. Focus on what you want. Stop stressing what you lack or need. The laws of attraction are listening.

Be well.