Another Fallen Tear

The inspiration for this little thing came from a recent Video Chat.


Another Fallen Tear


When we cry together
It feels as if
We have loved forever
If only you
Could feel my fingers
Your moist cheek
Then perhaps
My pain won’t hurt so bad
Another fallen tear
My trembling screen


For Nandita


The Woman Of My Dreams

The Woman Of My Dreams

The Woman Of My Dreams


The woman of my dreams
Is a puzzle to be solved
For she can slowly undress me
As she buttons up my shirt

When Baby gives the cold shoulder
She expects it to be kissed
Then she’ll push me onto her pedestal
To get cozy in my lap

The woman of my dreams
A delicate knot to be unraveled
She asks me to tie her to the bed
Yet it is I who becomes all tangled

Sweetie sets out my suit and tie
As I prepare for a fancy dinner
Then wears her sexiest lingerie
Cause she’s decided we’re eating in

Baby swears that I am so unique

Even as she perfectly mimics me
She is the woman of my dreams and I
The man who never lets her sleep.


Photo from Google Images.

do I need you


do I need you


do I need you
would the beach exist
sans the sea

yes I do
for without you
my heart has no reason to beat



Worried about you.  Feel better N.

I guess it’s pretty obvious I was feeling vulnerable late Friday night. Minutes after my Forgiven post, I wrote this little thing.

My next two posts (Wednesday and Thursday) will be dedicated to all mothers.

Photo of sexy shoes and feet by Nandita.

Love Untold (A Duet)

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Hola everyone.  I am thrilled to post my second duet with my wonderful muse/mentor Nandita Yata of the beautiful blog A Tangle Of Weeds.


Love Untold  (A Duet)


The man of my dreams wears Hilfiger in navy and white
He kills it with his James Bond look, suave, classy and bright
Hugo Boss lingers on his pulses so delicate and light
He smells like the tropics in trance, my olfactory delight

The woman of my dreams dresses in elegance and style
We enter the nouveau restaurant and every man’s beguiled
Heads continue turning as she is walking down the aisle
Everyone wants what I have, and that just makes me smile

When we go out, the man of my dreams opens doors for me
He leads me by the hand, he is the epitome of chivalry
He pulls the chair, seats me before making himself easy
Then says “how would you like to satisfy your palate, My Lady?”

At the table she discovers new silver earrings in her glass
For I will do everything I can to never let the Honeymoon pass
My beloved likes mischievous gentlemen with an accent of class
So I pull her chairs, hold her doors, and smack her in the ass

He beckons to the waiter who greets us with a beaming smile
“The finest Chardonnay you have, please bring it in a little while”
Are your feet hurting with the killer heels you have on, he asks
Oh but I only just put them in the car I say, he giggles and basks

I promise to massage her feet, and her favorite songs I will sing
Nandita is so easy to love, for my special lady I will do anything
As I sip my wine I notice I am with the most gorgeous in the room
We are the perfect pair, the blushing bride and the lucky groom

I say a quick silent prayer as Andrew locks his tender gaze into mine
Let eternity imprint itself upon our moments so beautifully divine
Even the stars are swooning in anticipation of the magic to unfold
As he serenades me, the moon blesses this story of our love untold

Violinists come to play their sweet strings cause it’s time for romance
She reciprocates batting her lovely lashes as our hearts sing and dance
The moon accompanies us on our walk home as the night ends in harmony
Cause I was born to love only her, and she was born to love only me

In Another Place and Time (A Tale of Love Reincarnated)


In Another Place and Time
(A Tale of Love Reincarnated)


Our souls met under the hot sun
In the land of the Pharaohs
The magic of a first kiss under a date palm
Lasted for quite a while
Until we made moonlight love
On the banks of the mighty Nile

Time passed before we were one again
Me the glorious warrior standing
Alongside my controlling Spartan wife
While you tended my wounds which often bled
I boasted of victories on the battlefield
Yet every night it was you who conquered me in bed

Years had passed when you died in my arms
Succumbing to the mysterious Black Death
Then came my arrival to the New World
Greeted by your warm Native American smile
Two hundred years later you became my loving slave
And me the master you beguiled

After centuries of living and dying beside you
I search for my twin flame
In hopes of finding you once more
For souls travel without rhythm or rhyme
And I cling to the desperate hope of loving you
In another place and time.



“I will look for you in every lifetime and love you there.”
                                                                                   ― Kamand Kojouri




Miss Understood

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This is for you Nandita.

Miss Understood


Pearls of white tears
moisten her tender cheeks
cascading onto dark pages
penning words of life and love.
Mirrors fail to reflect her light
as the world responds to her affections
with green venom and thunderbolts.
Bent but never broken
she remains a mystery for so many
even as she fails to decode herself.
Unable to decipher her puzzles 
she is forever trapped in a poetic web
entangled in an endless soliloquy.
Bleeding love and empathy onto pages
‘til she can barely live or write
or love herself anymore.
Seeking refuge in her shadow
and behind a broken smile
she longs to hurt no more.
She questions destiny
will her words, her love, her life, herself
ever be an enigma finally resolved.
Or will she forever be
Miss Understood.
My indigo child of love

Photo from Google Images





we are one

Sexy lovers in bedroom

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming (yes you guessed it) – LOVE.

we are one


Please don’t ask me what are we
For the tugging of your heart is my gravity
You are gentle wind chimes ringing in my soul
as our broken pieces join to make us whole

You are the raging percussion inside my chest
I am the ebb and flow of your warm breast
We are the scorching heat of a solar flare
a refreshing breeze running through your hair

We are twin flames burning in sweet harmony
illuminating together cause we fit so perfectly
We are summer just before autumn has begun
My love we are and always will be one.


“In a world of temporary things, you are a perpetual feeling.” – Sanober Khan

Photo from Google Images.

The Beautiful Redhead


The Beautiful Redhead

She wore her red hair

like a fragrance by Chanel.

An elegant tapestry of

silky curls and waves.

The ebb and flow of her locks

calming like a starry night.

If she only knew

what I would give

to caress her hair tonight.

Photo of redhead from Google Images.

DISCLAIMER: I am the Lonely Author and I approve of this message.

She Writes For Me


She Writes For Me


No one knows our secret

Our beautiful connection

From her pen

To my heart

She writes of love

She writes of me

Perhaps she’ll write tonight

so I can read her words

and pretend

she writes for me.


Image borrowed from Google Images.

DISCLAIMER. Fiction, though I wish it wasn’t.

Back To You

lonely-girl-wait-on-the-road-miss-youBack To You

My shoes are worn
cause I have walked
through every maze
in search of love.
I am a proud knight
riding lonely carousels
searching for a lady
while fighting windmills.
Dead ends always greet me
as I move in no direction.
I missed you here
nostalgic over there,
a journey never ends
when shortcuts don’t exist,
I strolled down winding roads
traveled both sides of the fork
without the use of a compass
I found out I was never lost.
Cause it doesn’t matter what road I take
when every path leads me back to you

Photo from Google Images.

A throwback for my newer Followers. Have a wonderful day full of sunshine and smiles.