Another Valentine’s Day Alone

The Lonely Author: Another Valentine’s Day Alone

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Drew discussed what he did on his lonely Valentine’s Day.

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Tells a romantic bedtime story with a hopeful finale.


No Valentine’s This Year



No Valentine’s This Year

There won’t be chocolates
for Valentine’s day this year
she taught me how to love
now she asked me to forget

She will be happy without me
her prince was heaven sent 
he can fulfill her every dream
all I had to offer was my love

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For the next six weeks (leading up to Valentine’s Day) Lonely Author will dedicate most of his posts to his favorite subject; that thing called “Love.”


We shared glances from a distance
Like beacons in a crowded room
Our bodies gravitated to the center
fingers entwined like bride and groom
dance floor darkened like the universe
yet I found myself basking in her light
cheek to cheek we swayed in unison
flames of passions dancing with delight

Intoxicated by her scent skin and touch
was she feeling the wonders that I felt
adjoining hearts performed a sweet ballet
I shrunk inside my shirt my pants my belt
suddenly she was no longer in my arms
lights go on as the music is finally done
finding our empty shoes I suddenly realize
this beauty and I slowly melted into one