You’re Beautiful – Part II (A Short Story of Love)

Rubbing the sleepiness out of her eyes, Lizbeth sat up in her bed. She found Drew sleeping in the corner.

Obviously, her handsome guardian watched over her, ready to wake her if she displayed any signs of a nightmare.

He protected her so. What else could she expect from a man who held his dying father in his arms? Then, three years repeated the scene with his mother.

Left with no family, Drew would never let anything happen to her. He could never bear that pain, again.

She stood to awaken him, then, hesitated. How could she miss someone even when they were in the same room? What a hopeless romantic.

Tapping her finger over her pouty lips, she wanted to do something special to make him happy. Glancing at the dresser the perfect idea came to her.

Lizbeth tossed a pillow on the floor. Grabbed a bottle of foot massage oil from the dresser and placed it next to him. Taking the ear buds out of his ears, she grabbed his phone.

No need to inspect it. She already knew the song he played.

Lying on the floor, she rested her head on the pillow. Moving ever so carefully, she parked her bare feet in his lap.

He will be pleasantly surprised when he awakens.

Inserting the plugs into her ears, she hit play. The soft instrumentals soothed her. She eased her hand into the thick white bathrobe to stroke her flat belly.

There were so many things she wanted to give this man who changed her life. He taught her to give without taking. He taught her to treasure every moment.

He reminded her of the importance of family.

What will he think when he hears the family of two will soon be three?

Her brown eyes moistened. What better gift to bestow on this loving man?

A lone tear drop streaked down the side of the face until it wet her ear. She closed her eyes to focus on the music.

The lyrics whispered, “You’re beautiful…”

Yes, she felt beautiful. Drew taught her to feel that way. He kissed every unsightly birthmark, her small perky breasts, even the extra five pounds she recently added. The adorable ape adored her every flaw.

Strong hands grabbed her feet.

Lizbeth sighed. Life couldn’t be better.

“You’re beautiful. It’s true…”


You’re Beautiful (A Short Story of Love)

He dropped to one knee to slip off her sandals and smiled.

She surprised him with new beige sandals by Michael Kors. The French manicured toe nails informed him she had a fresh pedicure as well.

All just for him. He made a mental note to drop two hundred on her dresser.

Unhooking the straps of her sandals, he gave her delicate feet a loving squeeze as he slipped them off.

He set the shower to her favorite temperature. As the warm water soaked their bodies, he reached for her shampoo. His strong fingers washed her silky hair. Her work day stress flowed down the drain with the white suds.

Minutes later, she slipped into a comfy white gown and pouted, “I have to cook.”

He took her hand, kissed it, and led her to their bed. “Beautiful, take a nap. I will cook tonight.”

His finger on her lips prevented her from protesting.

She gave him a little peck before he journeyed to the kitchen.

He reached into his pocket for her cell phone which he snatched while she wasn’t looking. He pressed the screen to activate it. Unfamiliar with her new iphone; he shut it off.

No one would disturb her rest.

He returned to the room, wanting so badly to stroke her soft cheek. He needed to kiss her full lips. Sigh.

Sleep was her sanctuary and he was born to protect her serenity.

He leaned against the wall to enjoy his favorite pastime – observing her as she napped in a cloud of fresh white sheets.

Slipping head phones into his ears. He searched for one of his favorite songs. The same song he always played while she slept.

The instrumentals began.

As she slept, he found bliss in her peace.

The music and lyrics flowed directly to his heart.

“My life is brilliant. My love is pure.
I saw an angel. Of that I am sure.”

Yes, he saw an angel.

She gave so openly. Never expecting anything in return. She fulfilled his needs. Including sharing her family with him.

After so many years alone, she helped him feel “family,” again.

His one regret? One lifetime isn’t enough time to shower her with the love, affection, and gratitude she deserved.

But damn, he will try.

Still leaning against the wall, he sank until his jeans touched the floor. Alone in his familiar corner, he glanced at his watch. She will sleep for an hour or two.

It didn’t matter.

He will wait.

She was worth it.

“You’re beautiful. You’re beautiful.
You’re beautiful, it’s true.”