The Man Behind The Blog

The Man Behind The Blog

Pain goes in, love comes out.

A childhood watching the abuse of my mother, followed by my father dying in my arms, then, years later, repeating the experience with my mother. Not long ago, I fell down a flight of stairs, got up and walked away. Excruciating pain has been my loyal companion ever since.

After suffering so much pain and loss, many would turn to alcohol or drugs, not me, I refuse to let it define me.

Hola, my name is Andrew, but you can call me Drew. Or one of my many blogging nicknames; Lonely Author, LA, TLAB, Vagabond Poet, El Vagabondo, Lonely, and the Beach Boy.

I am passionate about many things; being positive, life, love, music, poetry, writing, and then there’s my greatest passion of all – women.

My heart is filled with love and admiration for all women. I adore their laughter, playfulness, even their head scratching prerogative to change their mind. Love to see them in beautiful dresses, jeans, and barefoot. I am attracted to their curves, fascinated by their mystery, inspired by their scent and femininity.

I am a single guy, a dreamer, a poet, an ex-New Yorker living in Orlando, Florida. Hoping to get my three manuscripts published and two screenplays to the big screen, and who knows, maybe I will find love along the way….


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