Do you Have A Super Power?


Since he will be WordPressing less often, Lonely Author decided to have some fun and return to his blogging roots (yes that means occasionally talking in third person). Part of his roots was to ask a weekly question.

During that difficult period of his life detailed in When My Wife Became My Hero, Lonely Author often posted the Pinky Batman image in his old Facebook page or flashed it to Mrs. Lonely Author to signify it was time to toughen up.

So, while Allie was pulling miracles, Lonely Author still recovering from his accident became the cheerleading Pinky Batman.

All us have been heroes at one point or another.

On several occasions Allie has had premonitions of future events. Allieย also has a super powerful nose that can pick up all sorts of scents (including bad poetry). Thus the Chimp plays it safe by bathing twice a day, uses good cologne, and brushes his teeth after every meal (and some day he expects he will be required to do it during meals).

Lonely Author has the super power of charming birds out of trees. ย But they usually poop on him, so not sure if that really counts.

Do you have a super power?

Which super hero are you?


207 thoughts on “Do you Have A Super Power?

  1. This was a fun post to read. If I have a super power, it must be to squeeze words out of small chunks of time ๐Ÿ™‚ Flying would be a cooler super power, healing would be even better, just as long as I don’t end up looking like Wolverine!

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    1. Invisibilty shield seems like a pretty good super power to have. And I had a suspicion you are sensitive. Your tboughtful writing and lovely photos gave that away. Thank you for playibg along.


  2. My super power is being instantly friends with four-legged fury beings, especially meowing ones.
    Such an inspirational post, thanks for sharing!

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  3. I do not have a super power, nor am I a super hero, but my husband has a couple super powers . . . one is folding sheets. He can make the fitted sheet as flat as the flat sheet. When I change the sheets I never know which is which until I unfold it. AND . . .he is an electronics whisperer . . . broken things just sometimes seem to fix themselves in his presence. Kinda cool, kinda annoying. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. Question. Did your husband serve in the military? Those military guys can make a bed like no one in this world. The electronics super power is pretty cool. Thanks for stopping by to play along. I appreciate it. Have a wonderful week full of smiles and sunshine.


      1. My hubby is the son of someone who served. So yeah, that is part of it . . . but you really need to see the sheets to understand the extent of it. INCREDIBLE! ๐Ÿ˜‰ He doesn’t claim the electronic power he just says _I_ don’t know how to work things. (eyes rolling). Smiles and sunshine . . . it is!

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          1. Just plain dru will do or “say” if you wish. The dru is short for Druscilla; Cinderella’s evil step sister, Caligula’s sister, sister to Herod Agrippa II in the bible and the name of many a hateful woman in romance novels. Quite the history. There are two of them in my family and I answer to “hey you” as well as most anything else. Call me what you want but never late for……
            ~~ dru~~

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              1. Nice to meet you too lonely. However I think, if you agree, I’ll call you MonkeyBoy referring to your picture because one of my favorite poems; written by my brother PseudoCyAnts while he was on morphine, just before he died is:

                I’m a little monkey boy
                sitting in my turtle shell
                all by my lonesome
                and I feel fine!


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