A Better Life – Searching For A Title


First, I would like to thank everyone who followed my time traveling tale of love. When I originally wrote the story, I meant it to be a one time short and nothing more. Many of you suggested turning this into a larger story.

As days passed, I realized how this can become a screenplay and novel that could draw interest.

I want to use this post as a reference guide, ; collecting and storing suggestions here.

I will set the story in the near future (2030 or 2040) because of the school shooting. Obviously, I can’t have my characters going back to the 1980s when school shootings weren’t prevalent.

Please use this post to submit suggestions on this story that is being formulated in my head. Any suggestions you may have to enrich this story will be greatly appreciated.

1 – I need a new title for this story.  I have searched for names using the word “time,” but it isn’t necessary.  All title suggestions will be considered.

2- Also, want to change the name Josephine.  It was fine when I thought it was a one time piece, but I prefer my female lead to have a stronger name.

3- Any comments or suggestions about Jack (appearance).

4- Any other ideas or suggestions

Thank you.