The Lonely Author Blog

Why did I chose the name the Lonely Author blog? If you are a writer you already know the answer, or should I say you have already lived the answer? Hour upon hour sitting before a laptop, stringing words together to form sentences. Writing paragraphs full of emotion and tension. Filling up blank pages with nouns, verbs, and adjectives in hopes of eliciting a response in our readers. Unaccompanied moments certain we have written prose as sweet as honey, fighting the angry demons inside our skulls who assure us we only created Blasphemy, Bullshit, and Beyond.

My objective is to create an inspirational depot for the weary writer to seek asylum. Hopefully, I can motivate unpublished authors after they receive another rejection note. Maybe my blog will combat the dreaded creature known as writer’s block. At the very least, I expect to make you smile. Perhaps, if nothing else, this blog will allow me to cling to my fragile sanity as I struggle to be heard.



41 thoughts on “The Lonely Author Blog

    1. You do write. Even if it’s recipes an instructing us you write.And on your blog you have the opportunity to inject your personality in your posts. Well,I enjoyed your blog, I will be stopping by to review more. My wife are planing on trying a few things.

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      1. Wonderful! I guess, everything is all connected. We take ourselves with us wherever we go. So, whatever we do is a reflection of our own unique perspective and personality. With respect to cooking, even when we follow the same recipe, each dish will be different and infused with the personality of the cook. I am so happy you are enjoying my blog. It has turned out to be way more fun than I expected!

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          1. Yes. I was not expecting it to be so interactive. I really just wanted to organize my recipes. I always wanted to write a cookbook to give as a personalized gift to new brides or friends. All my experience with special diets I thought could be helpful to others in similar situations.

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  1. As we say in Trinidad doh worry ‘I hear you’. This is the first time I am seeing your blog and I am definitely impressed. It feels honest, emotional and you write with such clarity that makes it relatable. Have a great day πŸ™‚

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    1. How coincidental!! Me too, except that I didn’t land, I was stationed here. 😜
      We are very surprised to find you on this post, Jaya. It must have taken you a lot of effort. And we do appreciate it 😊

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      1. I was just curious to see what was the first post of Drew. Hey, you have not seen my first post right. I will like you to visit it, if you could 😊

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